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by:Changda     2020-06-18
1. How to use color in iron box packing? Color is one of the most important aspects in the design of iron box packaging. Color arouses emotion and attracts the attention of consumers. Not only does the selective addition of bright, bold or vibrant colors catch people's attention, but it can be surprising when you see so many strong colors in a range of products. But it's a good line because the tone and tone of the colors and the way they're used together can easily be too loud and distracting. So make sure you use complex colors that suit the product and use them gracefully (no pun intended!). . The general rule is to use a strong color for each product in the production line, but of course exceptions can be made. In some cases, it can be done by unifying the colors of the products. Throughout the branding &; A range of products that visually resemble a group of products on a retail shelf. However, this type of design strategy can make it difficult for consumers to distinguish between different products in the production line, resulting in confusing product chaos. When a design that USES color as a distinction is solid and iconic, the design itself becomes the benchmark for the brand, and with the strong change of color, the product line becomes more eye-catching, representing the different flavors in the product line. 2. Packaging illustrations that conform to the characteristics of the product. Packaging illustrations or photographic images will not only help you set the color better, but also help you set the mood. Depending on the style of the image, the mood can be traditional, romantic, classic, trustworthy, sophisticated, modern, relaxed or any combination of moods. Images can also enhance the flavor of the product (such as displaying vanilla bean flavor), making the packaging more appetizing and appealing. Images can be fascinating, especially when used correctly and with a lot of color. 3. Packaging decoration design. It is almost always best to present the product itself through packaging as much as possible, especially if your product looks great. (Related: showing or not showing product photos on packages.) If for some reason the actual product cannot be displayed, please display a high quality professional photo of the actual product. Consumers want to know what they're getting before they buy. The display of the product (itself or photo) also makes the package more attractive and appetizing overall.
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