leather gift box: 5 steps (with pictures) -

by:Changda     2020-06-13
I like to make these boxes.
I make these crazy when I\'m between projects!
It\'s always good to have something to put on a gift, and I also like to use packaging as a gift. Here goes!
The bottom of this box is 3 1/4x3 1/4 and the top is 3 1/2x3 1/2.
This product is suitable for vegetarian brown leather and even thicker leather.
On this box, I cut out 3/4x3/4 square meters from every corner at the top and bottom.
I do this with a box cutter with a very sharp blade.
Take the time to do it.
Being as accurate as possible is an important step.
Save the small square cuts and later you can make gift labels from them and affix the name of the person you gave it to on the square.
Use the punch tool or just punch it once, use the smallest punch tool on the dial and take out a small square you cut out (from step 2)
Make a hole in the center of a corner of the small square.
Use it as a template to punch holes in the same place in each corner for consistency.
Do this for the top and bottom.
Using wax lines or any decorative lines or lines of your choice, you will need to stitch each corner together.
Put the rope through the hole on the inside left and then from the outside put your rope through the hole on the right and repeat it so that you can sew two stitches outside the box and at the end inside the box.
Tie the ends together twice, tighten but not too tight so you lose the clean look of the two pins outside the box.
Do this for all eight corners and you will create a small gift box!
When you finish the corner stitching, take your box to the sink and soak it completely at the top and bottom.
Dry the excess water and work with your hands to form them so that the sides can stand straight or bend slightly to make the box more angled.
At the bottom of the box, rub your knuckles along the middle of the bottom and let it sag so that when you drop the box, the bottom of the box sits flat.
Dry outside or on the windowsill.
When it is completely dry, seal the leather with snowshoe weather protection or any other type of leather protector, and the leather may get dirty if you don\'t.
As you can see, this small gift box can be made in multiple sizes, colors and stitching, and the only limit you have is your imagination.
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