\"love beyond measure\" heart measuring spoons in gift box

by:Changda     2020-06-12
\"Love can\'t measure\", measure the heart of the spoon in the gift box, and when I see this wonderful silver wedding favors creative themed gift, I really can\'t express how I feel.
I searched over and then I found a great silver wedding offer package that was very popular at my wedding.
A set of 4 stainless steel spoons, both traditional measurement and love measurement.
The spoons are really great, not to mention the gifts.
On one side of each group of 4 spoons there is a \"measure of love\" and on the other side there is a traditional measure with \"a little patience\" = 1/4 teaspoon, \"a good faith\" = 1/2 teaspoon, \"A Spoonful of laughter\" = 1 teaspoon, \"a pile of love\" = 1 tablespoon.
This is the way it is set up, so I like the way it is laid out and created.
It\'s a good idea for any event, but I love it and use it in my silver wedding.
This set of measuring spoons is placed in a black bottom box with a velvet lining and a transparent top that measures 6 \"x 1 3/8\" x 2. 75\".
Each gift box includes a pure white organza bow and a silver heart-shaped label that says \"love cannot be measured.
It was such a wonderful creation that I had to email all my friends to see the spoon before the wedding. I also have some personalized spoons to suit my special gifts friends and family
If you want to see the silver wedding in the gift box that is good for the heart measuring spoon of \"Love is immeasurable\", you can go down below and have a look for yourself.
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