Mask packaging tin box manufacturer: face film packaging tin box making points have?

by:Changda     2020-06-19
Mask packaging tin box manufacturer: face film packaging tin box making points have? As people face more and more attention to oneself, let cosmetics manufacturers for the product packaging is becoming more and more attention. Through elaborate packaging, face film packaging tin box production comes, face film not polluted, and can be used by its produce the desired effect. But the mask packaging tin box making points how much you know? Below, please follow me to see! 1. Commonly used material has made packaging materials, packaging plastic boxes, wooden box, paper box, bamboo box, tin box, etc. But the mask box of commonly used material is iron boxes. This material is known to all environmental protection, recycling secondary use. Printed designs are very beautiful, will certainly by the vast number of female friend's favorite. 2. Tin box packing box, the box with the common life of rectangle, square, round or polygonal tin box, such as: hexagon octagon, etc. There is a heterosexual tin box on the market are relatively rare. Generally used in the gift box of singular, also win the hearts of some customers and requirements. If you need a custom creative mask packaging tin box, this kind of the opposite sex tin box is also a good choice. 3. Mask packaging tin box color choice is very important, both mask iron boxes and other packaging tin box, color is the first intuitive feeling to consumers, if the colour does not appeal to design elegant, there will be customers to get to know your product? Your cosmetics business try to make the mask packaging tin box must pay attention to the above points, fine mask tin box used for sales or send a friend, it is a good choice. Guangdong province is a professional mask packaging tin box manufacturers, with packaging design and manufacturing experience, to provide services for many famous brands in the world, and will ensure that the quality meet your requirements.
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