mayor walsh still wants donald trump to take the als ice bucket challenge

by:Changda     2020-06-14
Boston Mayor Marty Walsh said in an interview with Boston that Donald Trump\'s constant criticism of everyone who immigrated from Mexico to a sad family of American soldiers shows his \"insecurities \". com on Tuesday.
\"He will give the matter directly to the individual immediately,\" Walsh said . \".
\"I think it just shows some of his insecurities.
Walsh knew it himself.
More than a year ago, he and
After Trump said Mexican immigrants were \"rapists\", the candidate for president of Launceston began a brief war of words.
Walsh said Trump should apologize if he wants to build a hotel in Boston.
Trump criticized Walsh for failing to bid for the 2024 Olympics in Boston and said that if Walsh did not apologize to him, voters should \"vote him out of office \".
Walsh then tagged Trump to accept the ALS ice bucket challenge and poured ice water on his head.
Trump responded by calling him a \"clown\" and told Boston to \"find a real mayor \".
A few weeks after Trump won the Republican nomination a year later, Walsh reiterated his challenge to Trump.
\"I\'m still challenging his ice bucket challenge.
\"He hasn\'t done that yet,\" Walsh said . \". (
Trump did accept the ice bucket challenge in 2014. )
Walsh, who supports Democrat Hillary Clinton, said Trump\'s attack on Muslim families in the United StatesS.
The soldiers showed \"disrespect\" to the army \".
The mayor compared Trump\'s speech to promote the United States.
Donald J. On Monday.
The Trump series was made in factories elsewhere.
\"He talked yesterday about creating more jobs for Americans and trying to create more opportunities.
\"You can start with your own company and make some products in the US,\" Walsh said . \".
\"It will be a good start. [He]
He himself might hire thousands of people there.
He can help start the economy by doing what he has preached.
Walsh, who has a background in the labor movement, said he has no interest in joining the Clinton cabinet if she wins the presidency.
But he said he did plan to run for Clinton in Massachusetts, and if asked, he also planned to run in Rust Belt swing states such as Pennsylvania, Ohio and Michigan.
\"My top priority is to be mayor of Boston, but it\'s clear that if they want me to go to these places to do some campaigning, I\'ll have some weekends off,\" he said . \".
Like Governor Walsh of Massachusetts.
Charlie Baker expressed his concerns about Trump and said he would not vote for the businessman.
If Republican Baker wants Democratic Mayor support in his 2018 campaign
Walsh proposed a way to lock the election.
\"We still feel each other,\" Walsh said . \".
\"Let\'s see if he supports Hillary.
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