Metal - — Beauty expo ', 'the pavilion invites your presence!

by:Changda     2020-06-20
Honored guest: since start domestic trade conference in April 2015, have spurred the war of industry change. The event beauty expo is the first step to make the domestic exhibition, heralding the formal sounded the horn of march to domestic. With new ideas, personalized products debut 43 Chinese ( ) The expo. We sincerely invite you to visit! Time: on September 4, 2015 - On September 6, 2015, the pavilion, booth number 14 C area. 4 / B51 address: China import and export commodities fair pazhou hall to inquiry: how to get the pavilion>>> (1) from the baiyun airport: the organizers to arrange the free shuttle bus to the exhibition hall at the airport. (2) the car/taxi: China import and export commodities fair exhibition hall (3) the subway: take metro line 8 to xingang east subway station A export, arrived in the pavilion area A; Or export to pazhou station A, arrived in the pavilion area B. Admission guidelines>>> 1) pay attention to the expo officially WeChat pre-registration, hold official WeChat pre-registration confirmation letter audiences or show me the name card of the audience, check-in registration at the scene of the exhibition, in exchange for badge. (2) with valid proof of identity ( Id card or passport) And card free admission documents, both be short of one cannot. (3) pay for entry certificate, 50 yuan per card. How to contact us>>> u cooperation: 13512770790 ( Xu Guangjing) Taken the switchboard: u company address: baiyun district and the town of phoenix city -- the painted industrial zone composed by 6 company website: WWW. boxin168。 com
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