Metal box packing

by:Changda     2020-06-16
Progress in customizability is all about making your product stand out. In today's competitive market, manufacturers are always faced with the challenge of finding innovative ways to innovate competition. By developing multiple finishes and effects to provide multiple sensory experiences, brand vendors can use these value-added solutions to create integrated marketing campaigns that effectively target key audiences and increase overall brand loyalty. Found everything our company had to offer. Our company is proud to create sustainable, intelligent, practical and compelling tinplate packaging. It has incomparable advantages. It is 100% recyclable, lightweight, robust and economical. It is the preferred packaging for mooncake brands and consumers today because it is more sophisticated, the highest recycling rate of metal containers, its unique box-shaped design and three-dimensional relief, and efficient transportation and storage become simple and efficient. Iron packaging box to meet environmental standards, solve the climate problem In addition to the unique sustainability credentials of tinplate packaging (such as unlimited recyclability and versatility), there are many factors that influence the environmental footprint of tinplate products. To simplify the complex interdependence of sustainability in the can life cycle, tin can manufacturers are committed to the ambitious goal of reducing the carbon footprint of their products. It shows that our clients' mission is vital to us: they want to know how we can contribute to the ambitious goal of reducing resource waste. The package weighs less Lightweight is a major factor in achieving our goal of reducing waste by 2020. Successful cases during the planning period include: Through lightweight, iron usage in the metal packaging industry has been reduced by more than 3,000 tons, equivalent to more than 1,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year, or 21,000 passenger vehicles. Ultra-light canned foods were introduced to Europe. The first variation on this canning is a 33ml aluminium can, which weighs less than 10g. The ultralight product USES about 5 percent less metal than previous products. In Asia, we continue to move to smaller tank diameters and reduce the weight of the cans by about 25 percent.
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