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by:Changda     2020-06-21
Cigarette is closely related with people's life has now, in China, the town of era, whether it's birthday, promotion, banquet and so on occasion, cigarette has become a indispensable gift. Even have long time no see friend or meeting someone for the first time send a cigarette. Cigarette packaging are mostly paper, but now more and more popular indeed metal cigarette case. Under the metal cigarette manufacturers today is to introduce the metal cigarette case. Beginning in 2005, the tobacco companies began to look at his eyes shifted to the tinplate material cigarette case, metal cigarette case became popular. As we all know, cigarette packaging will be printed & other; Smoking is harmful to health & throughout; The words, this is the regulation of many countries around the world, and their purpose is to control the growth of the people's smoking rates, some countries will be in the metal cigarette case emblazoned with the design of some very terror, such as the patterns of the pulmonary disease or person cranial top, actually these are the regulations of the state, and some countries also require a limit of less than 20 cigarettes sales, its purpose is to prevent adolescent smoking. The sales of cigarettes is heavily influenced by the impact, so the tobacco companies have started looking for new cigarette case to break through the bottleneck, there is no doubt that the metal cigarette case greatly help tobacco company. Metal material there are generally two kinds of cigarette case, is a kind of tinplate cigarette case, cigarette is a kind of aluminum. Both the cigarette tin box is metal tin box cigarette factory has help the tobacco companies have produced many style of cigarette case. Metal cigarette case is generally 5 pens, 7, 10 or 20 pens. It is convenient to carry. To help the United States and other The camel & throughout; The cigarette production metal cigarette case, the metal cigarette case quality is good, metal cigarette case above & other; The camel & throughout; Smoke the lifelike. Hold my head up, despising the outer camel carved incisively and vividly, fully represent the desert king the standings of the domineering. “ The camel & throughout; Not just because of his excellent tobacco cigarettes is famous in the world, and it is just because of the camel cigarettes mark design and novel and unique packaging to make the metal cigarette ranked the top in the world.
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