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by:Changda     2020-06-22
Market's emphasis on product packaging, let more manufacturers begin to choose more high-grade packaging, thus promote the development of the metal packaging market. Single carton packaging cannot have satisfied, the difference of the products on the sales shelves and prominent. Manufacturers began to use different materials, special decoration and innovation to highlight the packaging and the shape of tinplate packaging in many packaging products stand out from the crowd. The following several aspects can better analysis of the main trends in tin metal packaging. Within the inner packing show: through the outer packing can see objects within the perspective of the packaging or can directly see products, the packaging is becoming more and more get the favour of consumers. Tin tin box window on the display built-in objects is a very good choice. Material rich texture, rich texture of the material in the packaging design has been very popular, the texture is often passed on a piece of tin embossed on the grain produced flowers. When people pick it up, we found that it has a different from plastic or cardboard smooth tactility. Morphological diversity: more and more companies require packing box shape, functions can have the change of the breakthrough tradition, rather than a single, regular shape. Tin can be carved, makes the final completion of tin box tin can better shape is different from the traditional packaging form. Cost saving overhead: manufacturers strive to make their products different packaging innovation, but at the same time pay close attention to the cost of overhead, so the flashing dazzling appearance effect can be achieved and can save the cost of packaging material, the future will be more and more popular in the market, metal packaging development space is huge, more high-grade, beautiful, practical. The application analysis of marketing: the modern packaging industry four material & ndash; — Paper packaging, plastic, glass, metal, the metal packaging gradually by the vast number of consumers love. In food, medicine and health products, cosmetics and washing products and many other areas, tin box tin is playing an increasingly important role.
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