Metal packaging, tinplate, tin box packaging-what are the metal packaging materials and their characteristics

by:Changda     2021-04-02
What are the metal packaging materials and their characteristics
Metal packaging is the main role of the entire packaging industry, occupying an important position and market value. Generally speaking, there are three major types of materials involved in metal packaging, namely tin-plated sheet steel (tinplate box), aluminum (easy-open can), and steel (container). The following editor will introduce the above three types of metal materials one by one:

Tinplate, commonly known as tinplate, is the main material for making tin boxes and tin cans. It is widely used in the outer packaging industry. It can also be made into food or non-food packaging containers, such as moon cake tin boxes, tea irons Tins, biscuit tins, gift tins, etc. The main characteristics of tinplate packaging materials are excellent barrier properties, comprehensive protection properties, excellent mechanical properties, excellent processability, special metallic luster, good surface decoration, convenience, and good sanitary properties.
Aluminum, also known as Wuxi steel plate, is one of the main materials for can making. It can partially replace tinplate and is mainly used to make beverage cans for food packaging containers. Common ones are cola cans, food cans and so on. The drawing performance of aluminum is better than tinplate and steel. The main characteristics of aluminum are light weight, high plasticity, and excellent ductility. No rust, high surface gloss.
The use of steel is relatively limited, and it is only used as a large transport packaging container, such as containers, steel boxes, etc. Steel has the characteristics of good ductility and ease of manufacturing, and its canning and barrel-making process is good, and it has excellent comprehensive protection capabilities. But the big defect of steel is its poor corrosion resistance and easy to be corroded. It can only be used after tin-plating paint.

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