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by:Changda     2020-06-20
Saw all know of jin yong's novels, in his series of martial arts novels have several times to mention huashan mountain, huashan mountain for the first time, east evil, in the west poison, south emperor north gai, avatar five people on huashan duel for seven days and seven nights, wang2 zhong4 yang2 wins finally. Today, in, have so a group of people who are as crazy as huashan five greats, obsessed with the network marketing, they are even more better than five greats, because they are more selfless, more understand & other; The love of learning, sharing, devotion, growing together. ” On May 6, 2015 cattle dealer special training camp held ceremoniously, 32 companies from all over the country, in dongguan water poon mountain build team culture, 7 night well packaged, war horn sounded formally. Eight companies belonging to the baiyun district & ndash; — Cattle, the flying tigers, 90 days challenge results 32. 18 million, holding & other; Will be reached, will be beyond & throughout; Belief, we attempt to grow. On May 11, 2015, 18 points in the evening, the flying tigers of the eight companies on time knock on the door metal products co. , LTD. , in order to achieve the sales target, everyone gathered, conducted the first phase of the flying tigers of exchange activities. Crown beauty clothing textiles tube tsinghua to share the theme to share about the free optimization and marketing skills. During the work period, but none of the eight companies be late, in order to target, in order to learn, to share, many of the soldiers are on an empty stomach. Company morale high spirited all the training room. Tube standing on the stage at qinghua junior partner to share my experience as a network marketing. Glad, share will come, for the first time a mystery guest & ndash; — Army commander in chief commander Wang Baoshan wang. The entire Wang Baoshan commander-in-chief led the divergent thinking, companies constantly speaks enthusiastically, should come to the conclusion that the 23 kinds of enterprises to promote the free way, with the blackboard. Companies are selling their companies and their problems in the network marketing, and then by the familiar know answer. Commander Wang Baoshan especially points out the importance of time, time control in place during the whole competition. After 11 free promotion, 12, continue to busy learning. This is eight students share with you and building materials feifei bidding baidu promotion, an undergraduate student sister, stood on the stage for one minute did not stop to a small speech, training room friends are shocked. Think of this time to a mysterious large coffee & ndash; — He Zhao teacher, He Zhao teacher personally review, and answer you on baidu bid to ask questions, lets everybody be suddenly enlightened, benefit a lot. In order to target of 90 days, for the sake of the whole network team building, forget all about eating and sleeping, this group of friends gathered in the conference room for three consecutive days, share, learn together, the means of growth, thanks for their selfless share, I believe they will more walk more good, more walk more good! The flying tigers! The flying tigers! The forward power!
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