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by:Changda     2020-06-21
Commonly known as is tin tin cans, but there are some people who will also be tin case abbreviation for horses mouth jar, especially the people over there. Tin case actually see the name will know that the material of the tin can, it is made of tin, tin also called tin-coated, because the surface of the iron has a protective layer of tin. Tin case is a general designation, some people will be classified according to the function of tinplate cans, which way is different also, such as: tea, tea tins; Biscuit is called the biscuit tin, called chocolate tin box of chocolate. Tin case can also be classified according to the shape of his such as: round tins, oval cans, square cans, octagon tin box. Now, thanks to the consumers to improve the packaging requirements tin case is more and more popular. Everywhere on the market, such as moon cake tin box, cookie jar tin box, cosmetics and so on, the shape is also more and more rich, only you can design, no we can't do the tin can. Tin canned products not only is he all show high-grade atmosphere in the packing style, more important tin packaging product has good security, due to the hardness enough iron, so the products in the transport way is a good way to protect the product.
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