Moon cake box packaging which is strong?

by:Changda     2020-06-20
Moon cake box packaging which is strong? As people consumption level rise, change of consumption idea, now the goods is more and more diversified. The Mid-Autumn festival is coming, moon cake box packaging requirements also gradually exuberant. Purchasing is concerned about a problem is choose what kind of moon cake box packing? The moon cake packaging materials such as paper, wood, plastic, iron, breed can choose variety. Small make up pick one to share with you today & ndash; — The moon cake tin box packaging. 1, iron, moon cake box printing is very exquisite, style luxury. Generally people are used to use longfeng figure or the goddess of the moon, the image of the lotus, the moon and the nature to printing. Color words is to choose the color of the Chinese people like more such as: red, yellow and so on, is to build a kind of warm feeling, also is in order to fit the theme of the Mid-Autumn festival & ndash; — Reunion. It also expressed a kind of warm, passion, upward state of mind. Moon cake box above the tin can also be printed in ancient poetry or calligraphy, ancient Chinese poems expressed China's wind is very strong, its reason is because of the Mid-Autumn festival has a long history, the history of the moon cake also for thousands of years. 2, iron moon cake box packaging usually coated with a layer of tin, lets the entire moon cake box have qualitative feeling very much, precious, when consumer is choosing a gift is to have a face, his home and bought back finished eat moon cake box can also leave dress other objects, very practical. Standing in the consumer's point of view to think, moon cake box packaging tin can be a good choice. As a professional manufacturer of guangdong more than 10 years of experience, the production technology of metal products company is very mature, making moon cake box, whether from the appearance of design or tin quality and delivery date to be able to meet the needs of everyone, hope in the busy season season of purchasing, progress together!
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