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by:Changda     2021-03-15
Iron box manufacturers: what food can be packaged in iron boxes

The freshness of food can be packaged in iron box packaging, and the advantages of food can be fully embodied in the exterior decoration. Makes more and more food businesses choose tinplate packaging. At present, the common food tin boxes in the market are: candy tin cans, moon cake tins, cookie tins, chewing gum tins, etc. And often these food packaging can not be purely in iron box packaging. The iron box can only be used as outer packaging. Food cannot be in direct contact with the iron box. The tinplate is prone to chemical reactions with the elements in the food, which will contaminate the food. Seriously affect the quality of food. General food manufacturers also add a layer of food inner packaging to the food, such as: PP bags, PO bags, dry food bags, etc. The function is to keep the food in a deoxygenated and sealed state, prolong the shelf life of the food, and achieve the true packaging purpose.

As for the food packaged in iron boxes, there are certain restrictions on the types of food. For liquid foods such as beverages or canned foods, tinplate boxes are generally not packaged, and aluminum cans are conventionally packaged. Because the two methods of production process are different, the liquid packaging must be sealed and leak-proof, while the tinplate box is outside. For packaging products, the pursuit is not tightness, but packaging value. Therefore, dried foods or foods that are packaged inside are generally packaged in tinplate boxes. For liquid foods such as beverages and cans, they are generally packaged in aluminum cans.

When you choose metal packaging, you should proceed from the nature of your own products, and you should not blindly choose metal packaging products with exquisite appearance. When choosing packaging products, many food businesses blindly pursue the products and ignore the characteristics of the products. This leads to the embarrassment that packaging cannot be carried out after mass production.

The above is the food tin box packaging content shared by tinplate box manufacturers;

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