Moon cake iron box packing type

by:Changda     2020-06-15
Although the Mid-Autumn Festival is still 5 months away, but the major moon cake brands have withdrawn from their own packaging design, the moon cake gift boxes of the major brands dazzled, and want to start cheating us to eat moon cakes! When we buy mooncakes, we don't mind the filling. Sometimes we just care about the beautiful packaging design of the gift box. Slowly appreciating the packaging of various brands of moon cake gift boxes, we seem to see some ways to talk about the design style of moon cake box in 2020. 1. Integrating traditional Chinese elements Most representative brands: The Forbidden City, Liangpin in recent years, the traditional factors of China by consumers welcome; This year's mooncake gift box packaging design set off an unprecedented Chinese style; These Chinese elements can be cultural relics, techniques, images, designs, scenes and other pictures or words. Classical Chinese hand basket, embroidery patterns, and other art forms are integrated into the design. 2. Mold cute packaging Sometimes, show MOE is a remarkable ability. I designed several cute images for my product, which will win a lot of girls' hearts. Designers are so familiar with this that hand-drawing techniques can finally be used. 3. Focus on product interaction with users The moon cake packaging with interactive features attracts me the most. & ndash; & other; Xi Dan hall & throughout; . This year, his family has introduced some very interesting mooncake packaging boxes, let's interact! Recommendation 1: & LDQuo; Be on the top of the tree. The moon cake gift box From the outside of the box, there doesn't seem to be anything special. Let's look at his name. & ndash; & other; Be on the top of the tree. There is much to be gained. Recommendation 2: & LDQuo; F to & throughout; Moon cake gift box, meaning five blessings, round and round foil festive atmosphere. 4. Flow and collision of colors 5. The day is round and the place is round. The package is in the main color of Chinese red, implying prosperity. The above appreciated packaging design, are more concrete design. In & other; Color & throughout; Show people, the use of graphics, lines and other forms of expression of packaging design, but also for the moon cake gift box war spread a glory.
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