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by:Changda     2021-03-15
Analyze the manufacturing process of food tin boxes

Since iron has strong hardness, stable chemical properties and easy processing, it is very suitable to use iron as a packaging material. At present, tinplate box packaging plays a leading role in the market. Its airtightness, manufacturability, moisture and heat resistance are better than other packaging, and its production cost is low. Therefore, more and more packaging companies choose tinplate as product packaging. Raw materials. The packaging and printing of tin boxes is an important indicator of the quality of tin boxes. Here, Mai's Can Industry will briefly introduce you:

Use equal proportions of water and ink, press the printing equipment to apply pressure, and transfer the pre-designed printing plate graphics to the surface of the iron box through a blanket. This packaging printing method is commonly known as offset printing. After finishing all the colors, varnish should be applied to the surface of the printing box to increase the glossiness of the surface of the iron box, improve the metal texture, and make the printing ink layer have a certain degree of flexibility and corrosion resistance.

The tinplate box is simple in shape and easy to print. It is a packaging for many food storage. In the past, the outer packaging of products was mostly made of plastic or paper. At present, people find that the iron box packaging is more durable and tightly sealed, which can extend the shelf life of food. The product can be well protected in the product circulation process.

How are the biscuit tin boxes, candy tin boxes, moon cake tin boxes, etc. on the shelf made? Here, the editor of Mai's Can Industry will explain the processing technology of food tin box:

1. Iron material selection: Choose the packaging material suitable for the current food. If it is a biscuit tin box, you can choose 0.23mm tinplate. The mooncake tin box can be made with tinplate of 0.23mm or 0.30mm. It is a very important step to choose the appropriate tinplate according to the different foods.

2. Polishing: First, the surface of the selected tinplate should be polished smoothly, and the polished iron should be deeply cleaned with water and cleaning agent.

3. Shape: Die-casting according to the designed shape. The process is very simple.

4. Coloring: According to the characteristics of the packaged product, find out the color that can represent the product. Then print the primary colors, and add content on the surface, such as patterns, text, and so on.

5. Apply anti-rust paint: generally apply anti-rust paint inside the box.

6. Baking: After the above process is completed, it will enter the baking stage. The temperature in the oven needs to be controlled at about 170°C and not more than 190°C, otherwise it will cause the offset paint to fade or fall off.

After all the procedures are completed, it will be inspected by the inspection department and then put on the market.

Two of the differences in the types of pretreatment products, exhaust, sealing, and cooling are necessary processes, which are the production processes of sealed cans.

Three because canned foods are packaged to extend the shelf life of foods. Rather than using preservatives to achieve the purpose of inhibiting spoilage microorganisms to preserve food, metal empty cans, plastic containers and other containers used for airtight packaging are necessary conditions for canning processing.

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