Moon cake tin box material properties and tin box packing what kind of benefits do you have?

by:Changda     2020-06-19
Now can be seen everywhere in our life tin box, major shopping malls, grocery stories, roadside stall can be seen. But many people don't know what tin box? Children with iron pencil case is made of tin boxes, iron boxes of chocolate is made of tin box, moon cake tin box is made of tin box. So why is each big industry like with tin packaging? What is a tin box? Actually tinplate namely tin tin, tin plating is to prevent oxidation, because iron is a kind of active metal, oxide will happen when it is exposed to the air for a long time, generate two iron oxide, which is what we call rust. So do in using tin tin box, we in order to let the tin box luster and slow down the oxidation of tin box, on the surface of the tin plating a layer of tin, is today we can do the tin tin box use. The moon cake tin box packing how the benefits of what? Moon cake tin box are adored by major packaging world, is also due to these characteristics of tinplate decision: 1, moon cake tin box with good sealing. As we know, there are a lot of products to save in the backlight environment, such as health care products, cosmetics and moon cakes, long exposure time are prone to deterioration in the air. 2, tinplate has good ductility. That is to say, we can according to customer needs iron to reshape into various shapes without fracture, the flexibility of the tinplate determines it can be made into various shapes, oval tin box, hexagonal iron boxes, heart-shaped tin box, etc. 3, moon cake tin box of antioxidant ability, chemical inertness, not easy to corrode. That would cater to the needs of the consumers, as well as reduce the cost and beautiful, so the tin making moon cake tin box of choice. 4, tinplate easy degradation, small pollution to the environment. We can also opt to tin box, tin not only can be recycled, and can degrade ourselves for a long time to protect the environment, and save the resources. Metal products co. , LTD. Is a manufacturer specializing in the production of tin box, tin, for food, cosmetics, health products, gifts, daily necessities and other products series of metal packaging customization services, has a perfect production operations, sales team and r&d team, to provide one-stop service. Custom hotline:
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