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by:Changda     2020-06-17
1. Cultural and artistic characteristics of moon cake packaging brand image visual design Packaging design is an important part of human cultural activities, reflecting the positive and creative behavior of the human mind. The visual design of the packaging image itself is art and culture and culture, whether art or goods, are the products of culture, with a unique cultural quality. The ancient capital culture has its own historical and cultural foundation which is profoundly different from any other place. When old moon cake tin box packaging design, our design team specifically refer to a large amount of literature, make it a better understanding of the special national cultural characteristics of traditional elements, and at the same time will summarize these cultural traits combined with modern design concept, using the traditional holiday gift - the moon cake packaging design, production of moon cakes packaging combine traditional national culture and modern design, show the unique characteristics 2. Traditional cultural elements of mooncake packaging design Packaging design has a stable basic cultural pattern, constantly inject fresh content into social culture, constantly create new image with The Times. In other words, it has the characteristic of keeping pace with The Times. Packaging itself is the result of human material civilization and spiritual civilization, and human beings have created a new way of thinking with this result. During the moon cake tin box packaging design, should be around the country to collect moon cake packaging materials, analysis and reference to the design concept and their packaging characteristics of local culture, to enhance their own knowledge, experience and comprehensive analysis ability, play to their creativity, insist on their own when the design concept and idea, make oneself want to express the theme, the information more vivid characteristics 3. Auspicious patterns China has a long cultural tradition, China's traditional graphics with distinctive regional and national characteristics, showing the style of the Chinese nation. The packaging works designed with perfect traditional design are mainly used, especially for the packaging of traditional time-honored brands and featured commodities. It is often used as the body pattern, frame line or icon pattern. The mooncake packaging design USES the auspicious picture part to highlight the cultural characteristics. Using the indicative and symbolic features of the figure, the traditional peony element with certain symbolic significance and emotional needs is used. Throughout the &; It is peony, but not only stands for ldquo; Peony & throughout; The & other; Shape & throughout; Moreover, it has a more profound meaning, symbolizing prosperity “ Meaning & throughout; Is also a symbol of good fortune & LDQuo; The bat & throughout; The materialized forms and communication media of national cultural concepts have specific connotations and constraining functions of information communication, and have the common attributes of general symbols, that is, as the intermediary of information load and communication, they realize the purpose of conveying information through new processing and integration. At the same time, it also borrows paper-cut materials from traditional Chinese folk art, a paper-cut pattern in the form of a stamp in the year of the Tiger, to show the beautiful and peaceful thoughts. 4. Application of traditional Chinese characters Since ancient times, the creation of Chinese characters, as the most basic character symbol in Chinese language, has been a loyal journalist of The Yan and Huang civilization and a solid carrier of Chinese culture. Even though the character nature is ignored, the cultural connotation carried by Chinese characters alone is still very deep. Since ancient times, the influence of Chinese characters and their various art forms on the art of ancient Chinese graphic design and their enlightenment on the field of modern graphic design have always been accompanied by the inheritance and development of Chinese culture. Cultural inheritance and development is an important symbol of civilization growth. The invention, development and application of Chinese characters play a vital role in the development of Chinese civilization. The historicity and purity of Chinese characters have irreplaceable value in preserving the remote memory of early people. It is indisputable for the uniqueness, accuracy and stability of the record and expression of Chinese culture. We analyze the creative and creative thinking characteristics of Chinese characters: the evolution of Chinese characters is a perfect process, and Chinese characters are a long and complex design process, which actually continues today. As an important part of Oriental culture, Chinese characters are widely used in commodity packaging design. The font style of calligraphy varies with the time of birth, and its application in packaging design not only makes the works have rich expressive force and artistic appeal, but also fully reflects the regional cultural characteristics of the works. The application of calligraphy font in packaging design attracts more and more attention from the design field. The packaging of the mooncake series we produced this time has many Chinese characters and calligraphy fonts as the background, and also used for typesetting. The theme of Mid-Autumn Festival moon cake is tightly surrounded to change the art, in the form of graphic expression in the design process, showing a unique traditional national cultural style. Various calligraphic characters & LDQuo; Month & throughout; Word combination, typesetting, artistic treatment, used as packaging background, emphasizing the theme of the Mid-Autumn Festival moon cake packaging. Using the Mid-Autumn Festival poetry and auspicious book characters, in the form of ancient books to create some special layout design, create a special graphic atmosphere. 5. Application of traditional color in packaging design Color is the most important part of food packaging design, it is the most common form of aesthetic feeling, easy to cause emotional response and change. It is also the information that consumers can receive most quickly, which sets a tone for the whole package. When we see a certain color, we think of all kinds of things, we associate with colors. Color suggests a good sense of taste. The final color selection of packaging takes into account many factors such as food taste, taste, grade and difference between similar products, so as to convey product characteristics, combine harmonious color and hint consumers' taste. Tastes mainly sweet, salty, sour, spicy, a variety of flavors have strong and light difference. To show so much taste on the packaging, and to convey taste information to consumers correctly, the designer must behave according to the above methods and rules of human cognition. The basic color of the mooncake packaging is red and yellow, representing Chinese nobility. Mooncakes are a traditional Chinese food. The red color represents the celebration of Chinese festivals. Red fruits give a sweet taste, so red packaging is mainly used to convey sweet taste. Red also gives people a warm, festive, revolutionary association. Therefore, the use of red in food has a warm meaning of the festival. Yellow evokes the smell of freshly baked pastry. So when it comes to flavor, there's more yellow.
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