Mould and picture of square moon cake tin box

by:Changda     2020-06-17
In this paper, we choose the products from the iron boxes of moon cakes which can be seen everywhere in our daily life. In iron box products, 80% of the process is made of stamping die; Therefore, it is very important for us to understand the structure of the iron box mold and the cost. Through this content, we can have a general understanding of the production process of the moon cake iron box. With the basic knowledge, it also laid a good foundation for the future customized unique iron box packaging. In this paper, there are a large number of mold structure drawings and mold local drawings, which help customers more easily see the iron box production degree of difficulty. The structure and price of the iron box die have been roughly explained. There may be many omissions and deficiencies, please understand Also in the mold manufacturing processing used in the modern advanced technology of wire cutting and electrical discharge machining, which is also the modern society's general mold manufacturing processing machine, and CNC processing is no exception. 1. Introduction of mooncake iron box molds with the size of 208*208*60mm (above). Name: neck line gong bottom moon cake box Model: Z040 Size of cutting (for reference only) 'Cover: 242*242 body: 806*80 base: 226*226' Number of mold sets: 8 sets, name: 2 sets of cover opening material, flying edge, body roll, bottom foot, punching body, a total of one set, bottom opening material, gong bucket 1 set; Mold structure: outside winding line, cover hit position, well line, gong bottom, 3 cans. Mould cost (for reference only) : about 6000 to 6000. 2. Introduction to clamshell Moon Cake Tin Box (above) Name: outside the drum bottom square jar Size: 375 * 375 * 62 mm. Number of molds: 10 sets. They are: cover: opening, flaring, winding, punching, body: winding, beating, gong head, bottom: opening, pressing. Mold structure: There are three pieces (R Angle is R 22/R 53) with cover stage, cover outer roll, body neck line, gongs bottom, original body (four positions)(opening thickness is 0.28) Mould cost: (for reference only) : about 50000 yuan 3. Notes for the use of mooncake tin box molds A. Set the assembly standards; ? Before matching, the parts should be measured. Qualified parts must be demagnetized and wiped clean. B. Cumulative dimensional error after the combination of all parts. For example, the parallelism of each template should be checked and polished to ensure the template assembly tightness. C. Try to keep the reference level of the original machining dimension in the assembly process for inspection during the adjustment of the final assembly die D. Assemble the guide system and ensure that the opening and closing of the die are flexible and free from looseness and lag. Thank you for reading this article, want to know more about the production of iron box issues, welcome to inquire.
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