mouse trap cheese tray

by:Changda     2020-06-15
This is an interesting project I completed easily on the weekend.
I assure you that I used brand new mouse traps directly from the packaging.
No recycling for this project-LOL.
I read the packaging carefully and visited the manufacturer\'s website.
I don\'t see any toxic substances on these mousetraps.
Needless to say, of course, you don\'t want to add used mouse traps to this project.
That\'s disgusting.
I only used a few tools.
Belt saw, drill bit, Belt/disc sanders, fixture.
To sum up, I took 6 rat traps and cut them in half.
I then glued them to an oak board to give the tray some strength and durability.
It was polished at one o\'clock and finished with gutter oil.
Size of finished cheese tray: 20 inch long, 3 long.
5 inch wide and 1 inch thick.
I made this cheese tray for personal use if you want to know.
Well, technically, these are big rat traps, though I call them mouse traps.
To be clear, I am using non-toxic.
No, I\'m not using a small size.
I carefully removed all the metal parts.
I try not to make the wood concave, or in March.
However, some dents and holes will definitely be left from these parts.
I wear some work gloves and be careful not to cut myself or hurt my fingers.
When all the metal parts were completely removed, I carefully cut the 6 rat traps in half.
I like to show the half of the mouse, which will have fewer holes.
I laid the wound. in-
Half a mouse trap on 5
5 inch wide by 0.
5 inch thick oak.
I changed the direction of each trap, applied some Titebond III glue and used the hand clip.
I let the glue dry overnight.
I cut the cheese plate or tray with my band saw---
You call it whatever you want.
I also trimmed a handle at one end and drilled a 3/8 end hole for the lanyard.
I used all the polishing tools available: my disc/Belt Sander combo, Drum sander and plain sandpaper.
I started with 80 and 120 sandpaper.
The wood of the mouse trap is soft wood, so I have to be careful with the lower coarse sand sandpaper and not take too much wood away.
But it does help the oak and remove my band saw blade marks.
I use the little black Decker Mouse I trust (oh the irony! )
Finish the Sander to smooth the sides and edges.
Then I gently polish the top with 400 sandpaper.
Be careful not to remove most of the designs on the mouse trap.
In hindsight, I should probably use some type of non-
Make the food not embedded in toxic putty or filler anywhere.
However, I still choose to leave a few holes.
I finished the rat trap cheese plate with some food
Safe mineral oil
I made 3 applications and allowed 30 minutes of soaking between the two.
I may apply for any non-toxic finish.
Instead of making any cuts on the board, I\'m going to use it as a service tray.
I added the paracord lanyard, the Cobra weave pattern.
I think the color of the surgery should be yellow in order to match the cheese theme.
I don\'t need to be so fancy here.
It can be easily tied to a leather rope or a yellow strap.
Finished product.
Invite neighbors to a party now!
Let me think about it now. --
What else can I do with a rat trap?
Please share your thoughts or comments.
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