Novel and beautiful gift wrapping paper | tin box information

by:Changda     2020-07-16
When we decided to treasure hunt on the Internet looking for the best paper, we think you can find the 10 volumes, maybe 15 volumes. There are so many incredible artist, designer and curators, their work is around and find the best packing, now we are here to collect our eight more popular this year gift packaging. The most important of all, the gift wrapping paper is very good, all the year round from holidays, to the wedding, birthday and everything in between. 1. Century elements of modern paper: first, the paper was inspired by mid-century modern theme, patterns and designs. We like to warm color, wavy lines and alternative dots. Yes, the dot may be different. 2. A kaleidoscope of gift wrapping paper: in a gift box! We like the printed bright-coloured and lively. 3. Pink rose gold marble glossy paper: is all about the romance of the rose gold element. 4. Easy green printing paper: printing paper. Do you want to do is to download the file and print them again and again. This is especially suitable for small gifts. 5. Flowers bees gift wrapping paper: this whimsical floral pattern is to enjoy its floristic attractive, rich and the buzzing of the people's a good choice. 6. The winter forest around 7. Spray coating wrapping paper: use white spray coating on metal golden background of luxurious appearance. You can also use it as a wrapped in brown leather box accent. 8. Unicorn gift wrapping paper: use a parcel in the relatively small number of gifts to illuminate someone's vacation. It features a unicorn, so there is no denying the fact that these guys will delight your friends how much. ( Through love. Good luck. And cake)
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