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by:Changda     2020-06-22
In recent years, most companies invest in blindly following result in industries with excess capacity at the same time, also accept the double blow of weak domestic demand, China's market in operating costs than America and Japan, employee wages under the environment of Taiwan, China packaging manufacturing days live very difficult. Bankruptcy tide, a wave of failures followed by a wave, let the boss most of her achievements. There are entrepreneurs said: & other; Market business good do, everyone looks like a genius; When the business is not good, difficult, entrepreneurs must become a genius. ” In today's environment, test each enterprise boss to vision and decision-making ability. It is worth mentioning that with the rapid development of Internet and information spread, more and more packaging enterprise boss are focused on the & other; Internet + & throughout; , make the enterprise a breakthrough, thanks to the Internet is indeed the WBH thing. As the tin tin box manufacturers, is also the Internet under the high speed development of beneficiaries. Expansion of the Internet is said zhang in the near east, into the traditional industry, the core area of the traditional enterprise, traditional industry also revolves around the development of the market is to get to the Internet. So, just entering & other; Internet + & throughout; The packaging enterprises how to have more benefit? In fact in & other Internet + & throughout; Era, packaging manufacturers still should notice to return to the nature of business, the company's products and the service itself can bring value to customer. Regardless of the changes of the enterprise how to carry out marketing, thanks to the Internet, only the enterprise brand undead, product quality, can use & other; Internet + & throughout; Continuous development of tuyere. Li said: in the era of mobile Internet, & other; Simple connection & lsquo; And the information & rsquo; Model is no longer applicable, also need to connect & lsquo; And the service & rsquo; 。 Tin box of custom manufacturers to send this sentence to intend to hug & other; Internet + & throughout; The bosses of the packaging enterprises and other industry.
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