Outdoor trash can briefly

by:Changda     2020-06-13
Garbage can is very common in our daily life, the above we can see the outdoor trash can in the square, in school, and so on can be found everywhere in hospital outdoor trash can. Generally outdoor trash can clear for garbage classification, there are two barrels, a words marked in red above do not recycle, and a bucket with green word marked recyclable garbage, it is also a positive performance, promote resource recycling in the trash, for some paper trash, wooden junk or some bottles and so on can be recycled to reuse the things can be directly into the recycling bin, but if it is some kind of plastic bags or other can not be recycled garbage thrown into can't directly to recycle bin. Our common trash cans are made of a material, but outdoor trash can is not yes, mainly divides into the iron and steel production parts and slivers, trash can the whole framework of the basic are made of steel, and at the time of production on the steel surface rust and corrosion resistance, etc. Outdoor trash can that they used part is not used commonly made of wood, every outdoor trash can they need a certain specifications, and the wet wood is made not to trash can, before made, trash cans of wood drying process is required, in order to beautiful and also need to spray paint, and need to get some burr on the surface of wood to level off. Outdoor trash can seem very simple actually production also is very cultured.
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