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by:Changda     2020-06-18
Packaging design concept We work with many small businesses that sell products that require some form of packaging design. If this is your first time to complete the packaging design, we are very sympathetic. Just like doing business for the first time, there are many problems with this process. Before the packaging design In the design process: art design and development Prototyping and printing of product packaging Let's start organizing your products and join immediately. Before designing the package Packaging design is not a purely aesthetic act. There were many elements that were feats of product engineering at the time that went unnoticed. Even now, the rise of digital technology and biomass materials is affecting the way we produce and store food. Many package designs (especially those involving food) are strictly safety first, then visual. These are some tips to consider before starting the design process. The packaging design should be intuitive Think of the famous Ikea package. What was the first thing that came to your mind? It is easy for consumers to carry and transport as it is usually square/rectangular and not shaped like the furniture in it. It makes transportation, stacking and storage easy. The three principles of transport, stack and storage can be seen as the foundation of any successful packaging design. This is real design: practical, intuitive and easy to use. Consider not only how customers will use your product at home, but also more shelf space = more money. The less space each item takes up, the cheaper and more practical the product will be to transport, stack and store. Packing is for protection Before you begin to design the packaging for your product, it is important to define the right packaging and the right packaging. It is important to realize that one of the main functions of packaging is to protect the product. Unnecessary packaging affects the environment. Today, the media is more concerned about environmental issues than ever before, so make sure you research the most sustainable options. Such as: Most traditional perfumes come in non-glass bottles, and we wonder why they don't come in glass bottles. I've been told that glass bottles tend to erode the good qualities of perfume. That is, if you just put it in a glass bottle, it will not give off the desired aroma, because some of the fragrance will be lost from the glass package. In addition, glass bottles are extremely sensitive to sunlight. Perfume is more likely to evaporate and give off a strong smell if you put it on a window seal or if you happen to leave it in a sunny place. That said, most leading beauty companies still sell perfume bottles. With glass bottles, they can be more creative in packaging and sell more. To mitigate the effects of odor erosion, glass bottles can usually be covered with some kind of metal foil, but they are still placed in the glass bottle. This means that many people cannot protect the original product. They make beautiful bottles at the expense of quality. Glass perfume bottle The packing is for reference only As with any design, knowing what information and copies to include in the artwork can determine the final design.
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