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by:Changda     2020-06-16
To make packaging a unique sales platform, you need to understand the process of packaging design. In order to make your product packaging a unique sales platform, your design must capture the attention of your target audience and motivate them to participate and ultimately buy your product. The packaging design must make consumers eager to find out more about the product, and ultimately get them to buy the product and put it in their shopping cart. Take the following iron box packaging design as an example for a brief analysis. 1. Packaging introduction Label If something goes wrong with your packaging design, it will be at the briefing stage. Design will always be no less than the designer's understanding of the characteristics of the product itself. The quality profile is the key to the packaging design organization. The quality of the abstract determines the following creative works to a large extent. Correct & throughout; Or & other; Error & throughout; Is it good or bad? Although the brief summary is something consumers have never seen before, The roadmap & throughout; It points out what needs to be accomplished and what needs to be said to achieve the goal. Putting a complete or qualified product summary into your packaging design means that the destination you may wish to reach is possible, and creative work often reflects the quality of the summary. The better the short summary, the clearer the designer's understanding of the expectations and strategies behind the summary. The better the quality of the profile, the more likely you are to bring the packaging design closer to your expectations. Experienced packaging designers also know how to open a summary and find out about the missing, valid and invalid content of the summary. This is especially useful when there are no experienced brand managers or first-time product developers in the packaging design process. 2. Project plan The second step in the packaging design process is to develop a project plan. As with any project plan, a packaging design project must be responsible for time, money, and quality. A good project plan will essentially keep the designer honest and ensure that the results of the project are kept on track without increasing deadlines and budgets. 3. Industry market research Market research is the third step in the packaging design process. Today, many brands receive relatively little media and advertising support. Therefore, the retail packaging on the shelves is an advertising campaign that must bear all the heavy work. In a few seconds on the shelf, packaging design must not only get people's attention, engage consumers, tell brand stories and persuade them to buy. To make a sale, you must win twice. First, people have noticed your product and achieved the goal (relative to other products). Second, people have to put it in their shopping carts. You must win both battles. Creative packaging is the only weapon you must win. In order to sell on the shelf, the design must win in two ways: A. Target consumers must be aware of your product and acquire it (not other products). B. Target consumers must place your product in their shopping basket. To win both battles, packaging is the key to winning. The purpose of research and discovery is to ensure that you complete the job, thus clearly winning the two battles on the shelf. Therefore, the following questions need to be answered as part of the study: 4. Brand concept design Once the packaging branding strategy is determined the fourth step in the packaging design process. During the development of the conceptual design phase, target market requirements are identified, competitive products are reviewed, product specifications are defined, and refined until selected. When developing concepts, consider the following: Brand Identity: What is the essence of a brand? What does the brand stand for? What is a unique personality? What image is the brand trying to convey? Positioning: Packaging usually describes the price and quality of the product positioning. Where is your product on the product positioning map? Price and quality? Consumer role: Who are your target customers? How do you use design to establish emotional connections? Color: Package color accounts for nearly 85% of the reason someone buys a product. Font: The most important thing is to get the right balance between readability and visual appeal. Image: In some cases, the image inside the package can enhance consumer confidence. However, the trend today is to use simple graphics and symbols. Check design elements according to brand guidelines Proofread all copies carefully. Pay special attention to regulations The initial design concept is likely to contain no details. Instead, it will focus on palette, shapes, graphics, materials and other material options that appeal to consumers at many sensory levels: visual, tactile, emotional. 5. Packaging design improvement Refining design in the packaging design process The selected packaging design has now gone through a final polish and finish to determine the necessary decoration. Customers can request changes in color, layout, or even graphic images. The goal is to ensure that the final design communicates the expected deliverables. Take careful note and consider: The final brand identity The shape of the letter forms is balanced and the spacing is accurate. Structural dimensions, secondary replication Layout and positioning The colors and images are censored. All copies have been proofread. All legal and regulatory requirements are inspected and approved Minor changes to the design chosen Here are some key points that must be checked in the design list. Design whether: Stand out from the crowd Differentiation on the shelf Product segments and complex product lines are significantly different in variety from competitors Alignment with the brand role - the design must support the brand color and role graphically Clearly communicate positioning Communicate the hierarchy and product attributes, including usage, quality, size, benefits, flavor and characteristics Call function, advantage, or change Make an emotional connection
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