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by:Changda     2020-06-18
Given the different perspectives on packaging design, it's time to explore the endless possibilities of creative product packaging design. In this part of the article, you'll look at some design styles that can be a powerful foundation for packaging design: While minimalist packaging designs are inspired by retro aesthetics, pattern-based packaging can be of several types inspired by local culture/traditions: Contemporary packaging design Innovative Packaging Design Luxury packaging design Antique packaging design Abstract packaging design Note: This category is purely based on the visual aspect of packaging design, and you can create additional categories based on a marketing or production perspective. 1. Simple packaging design Minimalism is a design trend that favors bare form, and nothing can be further removed without sacrificing functionality. This & other; Schools of thought. Originated in the United States in the early 1960s, but the most famous examples come from Scandinavia and Japan. Defining minimalism is very difficult, especially in packaging design. Metal boxes with logos and original designs are minimalist, as are tea packages with feature labels. In other words, minimalism involves many different forms of packaging. Minimalism is now everywhere, from beer and wine bottles to e-commerce delivery boxes. Moreover, you can easily integrate it into your brand's vision because, frankly, minimalism doesn't cost anything. In fact, choosing a minimalist packaging design is a smart way to cut costs. Most packaging designs that resonate in a minimalist style are the simplest solution. With & other; Handwritten & throughout; Take cardboard boxes with logos for example. In other words, minimalism is versatile and can match most products and brands (if executed correctly). 2. Retro is a design style undergoing a Renaissance. The retro aesthetic shifted from earlier periods to items and styles. Especially in packaging design, referring to the old label, handwriting font and dark color. The retro packaging design evokes nostalgia and gives a direct impression of tradition and craftsmanship. Many new brands like to use retro elements in modern packaging designs. This is to say to your customers. I've been doing this for a long time. A clever way. Retro aesthetics are often used in food packaging design - chocolate, tea and coffee cans, alcoholic beverages. Some cosmetics manufacturers are also keen on retro - beard waxes, beard oils and items for men are often designed this way.
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