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by:Changda     2020-06-16
Packaged news comes in many formats. Print and digital catalogs are popular as well as online news sites and specific news feeds. Most packaging news readers are interested in the packaging market. Some are interested in emerging trends and new machines and materials. Others are looking more closely and looking for specific sectors in the packaging industry. This guide helps you identify reliable packaged news sources when looking for general or focused packaged news sources. Below is a list of reliable packaged news sources available. We divided them into several categories for easy browsing. 1. Packaging The World Magazine Packaging World is a comprehensive magazine covering many aspects of the packaging industry. Readers can find new machine innovations, packaging activities, videos and more. Magazines are available in digital and print editions. They can be found online at the link above. 2. Packaging digest Packaging Digest provides general packaging news and industry segment news. Readers can find information on packaging design, machines and materials. If needed, you can also provide updated and informed catalogs to guide readers to the right vendors. They do not offer a print version, but electronic newsletters and interesting online content can be found in the links above. 3. Packaging strategy Packaging Strategy provides print and digital magazines that are issued 12 times a year. The magazine covers a wide range of topics related to packaging. The topic is about new innovations in the packaging industry. Readers can select a vertical market section to browse articles by specific market. Subscriptions are available in both digital and print form. Journal of Food Engineering The food engineering site has a large portion dedicated to packaging. This section focuses on new packaging breakthroughs and designs. A good place to find new trends in the food packaging industry. Both print and digital magazines are available, covering a wide range of topics in the food industry. 5. Food Online A great online resource for information about the food packaging industry. The whole site is dedicated to food packaging. Readers can find topics on security, inspection, procedures, and more. Articles and resources include acquisitions and detailed news about the food packaging industry. 6. Beverage Daily is committed to covering all aspects of the beverage industry. The site provides online sections on the big brands in the beverage industry, sectoral themes in the beverage industry, and sections dedicated to beverage packaging. The packaging section lists new breakthroughs in beverage packaging, case studies and information. 7. Medical packaging news The medical packaging industry is growing. New machines, materials and processes are improving the industry all the time. Health packaging follows new drug packaging trends and applications. They offer it online. A hot topic. Section to segment the healthcare packaging industry in various sectors. Each section highlights articles from around the world related to drug packaging. Journal of Medical Design and Outsourcing Online and print resources for medical manufacturing design and development. It covers a variety of medical manufacturing topics, including medical packaging. The online medical packaging part of the function involves the feed of medical packaging topics for news articles. 9. International Packaging News, Packaging Europe European packaging professionals are a resource for discovering new technologies in the European packaging industry. Packaging Europe offers both print and digital versions through user-friendly websites. Browse the various departments and technologies in the packaging industry. 10. Package the news Packaging News is at the forefront of the UK packaging supply chain. provides extensive articles and analysis and is an excellent resource for discovering new Packagingnews. Find detailed articles on wrapping events and entering multiple different markets. An online resource covering packaged news in the South Pacific. Find articles on packaging trends, design and trade in Japan, China and Korea. The section found online is devoted to Asian packaging trends and data Numbers. This is a huge resource for anyone interested in the growth of the industry within the Asian market. If you have other reliable packaging news sources, please comment.
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