Packaging innovation history | tin box information

by:Changda     2020-07-16
1. In ancient times, the food is in the local production and consumption, so there is no need to packing. But with the development of civilization, containment, protection and transportation of food supply demand become crucial. The primitive containers and containers made using natural materials, including leaves, bamboo, lotus leaf, palm leaves, bottle gourd, coconut shell, shell and animal skins. Later, as found minerals, ore and chemical products, metal and ceramics obtained the development, lead to use the new material, including fabric, ceramic, metal, Tin) , lacquer ware, wood, jade and some types of paper, etc. 2. Packaging plays a promoting trade and trade of several important functions. The function of modern packaging not only contains, protect and preserve products. It also includes communication, promotion and the function of the products. Package provides some inner hinted that aims to influence consumer perception of product and influence their behavior. These functions in today's is considered to be normal, but the product packaging to carefully design artifact has spent more than 150 years, the artifact will be business products film in a variety of functions are integrated into the package. Since the 1860 s, the increasingly fierce competition and continuous technological innovation has been decided that the development of the packaging. When we are in the period of study the key technology and material innovation, it is obvious that the development and the specific period of time the phenomena of culture and consumer behavior are closely related. Therefore, we will analysis is divided into six periods, and the technical development and cultural development. 3. As trade's prosperity and more goods available to consumers, suddenly the industrial revolution brought the demand for better products. Because the material is expensive, so the packing is limited to luxury. During and after the first world war, glass packaging, cardboard boxes, tin cans and cellophane packaging innovation greatly popularity. This has prompted the identity of the manufacturers set up the sales to consumers. The great depression marks the rise of supermarket culture, and greatly changed the way the global distribution and consumption. Self-service model of this kind of behavior change request packaging bear & other; Silent salesman & throughout; The role of. After the second world war the consumerism enjoyed a one-time use and throw away the convenience brought by the material, the material and he found the aluminum foil and plastic. In the second half of the 20th century, the rise of digital technology enables enterprises to rapidly expanding and going global. In an unprecedented competition, the way packaging differentiation become shelves products. Although packaging has become an essential things, but it was also seen as a threat to the environment. Therefore, many studies not only in the search for new materials, but also in the search for the best and sustainable solutions. In the past few decades, personal computing and mobile technology vastly changed consumer behavior, which changed their expectations. Every time they can access to information anywhere, so value to provide practical or novelty absorbing experience. Since the birth of bar code, many digital technology have been continuously testing, in order to reform the retail experience. Product packaging once again become the center of the development.
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