Packed in iron boxes with folk customs

by:Changda     2020-06-15
Each country has its own cultural identity. The packaging of each item has its own cultural background. It is not empty graphics, but the appearance of culture. In order to design a good package, we cannot ignore the thinking and understanding of festival culture. We need more meaningful elements to highlight it and make it more delicate, more layered and more cultural. The Mid-Autumn Festival is a traditional Chinese festival. For the packaging of Chinese moon cakes, we mainly use the traditional style. We mainly apply traditional patterns and graphic elements to our modern mooncake packaging design. In addition to combining packaging with commodity culture, we also need to combine packaging with The Times. Here are some typical traditional mooncake tin boxes. 1. Circular meaning -- complete and harmonious The circle, which looks like a simple curve, is actually a very curious shape. In ancient China, people first got the concept of a circle from the sun and moon on the 15th day of the lunar calendar. In Chinese culture, yuan Yuan represents heaven. It is the Chinese nation's reverence for nature, expectation for nature and perfect spiritual realm. From the modeling point of view, Round & throughout; It's a perfect curve formed by straight rotational motion. It symbolizes harmony and gives people a feeling of smoothness and stretch. It makes one feel whole, complete, vivid, endless, and alive with meaning. The visual image of moon cake packaging can intuitively feel the culture of Mid-Autumn Festival. & other; Circular & throughout; Design elements are common in mooncake packaging, such as round moon, round, plate and so on. There are even round mooncake boxes. In Chinese traditional culture, ldquo; Round & throughout; It represents not only a shape, but also a unique culture and meaning. Therefore, designers tend to use circles in the packaging of mooncakes. Round & ndash; & ndash; A full moon. The image of Mid-Autumn Festival in people's mind is romantic and beautiful. From ancient times to modern times, many scholars and poets have written many poems centered on the moon. Zhang Jiuling in Tang Dynasty wrote & LDQuo; There is a bright moon on the sea, all over the world at this time. , Du Fu's & LDQuo; Dew from tonight white, the moon is home bright. A bright moon conveys the poet's emotional appeal, which gives people a beautiful visual picture. With the image of the Mid-Autumn Festival as the carrier, the image is bright, the moon on August 15 is round and bright, which is not only consistent with the Mid-Autumn Festival full moon culture, but also a symbol of perfection. Round & ndash; & ndash; One circle. The Mid-Autumn Festival is also called Reunion Festival. People look forward to getting together with their families. Wang Wei wrote: & LDquo; Think twice about yourself at festivals. ; 'Come home often', a popular Chinese song, sings: & LDquo; An old man should not expect his children to contribute much to his family all his life Just draw a circle. Throughout the &; All these express the wishes of the Chinese people. For all Chinese, a long journey and a happy holiday with their families are the happiest things. & ndash; & ndash; Circle, in the national character of Chinese people, is opposite to ldquo; Round & throughout; Love is especially strong. Because & other; Round & throughout; A symbol of completeness and completeness, a sense of continuity, and a symbol of everything going well. In today's moon cake packaging patterns, no matter the modern simple style or the traditional gorgeous style, the moon cake packaging is fond of using the element of circle, so that people can feel the Mid-Autumn Festival culture through the packaging, to realize the packaging function but also give the packaging culture atmosphere. 2. Chinese red means good luck and happiness Red culture has a history of thousands of years in China. It is the inheritance of our nation, tradition and history, and has become a symbol of Chinese culture with deep national feelings. Red is the ancestor in the process of labor, the imitation of natural things and phenomena, has a unique meaning. After thousands of years of development, red has become a symbol of people's good wishes for everything in the world, reflecting an optimistic, positive, festive and good hope for life. It carries the emotional appeal of auspiciousness, richness and good wishes. Red unique decorative style and meaning, to provide Chinese designers with rich design elements. It is essential on the packaging of mooncakes or used as the background color. It is not only used for decoration, but also a symbol of the Chinese nation, reflecting the unique temperament and culture of the Chinese nation. In the picture below, according to the shape of the packaging of the moon cake tin box, the packaging box is designed in red, which is favored by Chinese people, emitting a festive atmosphere. It also adds to the festive atmosphere; For moon cake packaging, catering The Aesthetic habits of the Chinese people reflect the national character of the Mid-Autumn Festival.
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