Peninsula tin box is what? Why tin box manufacturer also has something to do with peninsula tin box?

by:Changda     2020-06-22
Everyone will have such doubt, often hear some people say that peninsula tin box, but don't know what is it? The small make up of tin box manufacturer tell you about the peninsula tin box, exactly? Why tin box manufacturer also has something to do with peninsula tin box? Peninsula tin box is what, in fact, there are three: first, the original definition: a music box, open there will be a graceful girl with beautiful music on tin box rotating dancing ballet. Designers in order to show the young girl shy feeling, so often beside the tin box with a small lock. The tin box shape like half of the island, thus its name; The second, 'the peninsula tin box' is a book of poems of fang wenshan, punctuated with jay Chou's album, so also calculate two people work together; Third, jay Chou songs: 'the peninsula tin box' is a Taiwanese singer jay Chou in July 2002 launch of the album 'octave space' of the name of the song, the song of 'the peninsula tin box' refers to a book. Here, the small make up the key of tin box manufacturer said the first one, said the word why tin box manufacturer with peninsula tin box has a relationship? Simple said peninsula tin box is a music tin box, not only elegant appearance, also can hold things. Moon cake tin box, but there is a lot of peninsula peninsula xi pie tin box. Actually they are all tin box, tin box just now peninsula USES more widely, used in food industry, gift industry, decoration industry. Want to know more about the peninsula tin box is what? Please call the hotline:.
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