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by:Changda     2020-06-13
The bathroom arrived a hundred years ago.
Once the family room had only one basic bathtub before the fire and was filled with a bucket of drinking water, the bathing experience is currently a luxury in almost every Western family.
In the past, the \"bathroom\" was just something that the rich and privileged had at home.
This trend has led to the mass production of sanitary ware products.
All kinds of time in the Edwardian era and Victorian era are still the favorite choices today.
They try delicate villas or cottage bathrooms instead of losing their appeal in design.
Today, thanks to advanced plumbing and modern tools, the bathroom may have developed as much as possible.
With luxurious steam areas and spa tubs, it\'s hard to imagine a more advanced bathroom.
Having said that, the bathroom, like any room in your home, is constantly changing in design trends.
Here, we consider five kinds of bathroom designs that are almost all popular.
Traditional, ethnic, shabby, fantasy and contemporary.
The traditional bathroom usually means the traditional style of Edwardian or Victorian, or according to the typical white bathroom, with basic hygiene items and bathtub.
Here, we will consider the bathroom style design where everything starts.
Bathroom in Edward\'s time.
Over the past decade, with the recognition of TV shows like dressing rooms, the trend of older people
There was a real climax in the vintage bathroom.
An uncommon gem of a vintage slippers bath or a rusty traditional faucet may be purchased in an abandoned backyard or skip, but thankfully the manufacturer has maintained demand for carefully crafted traditional bathroom products
Certain rooms only use the house to work, so the original bathroom is unlikely to work for you if you live in today\'s high growth apartment.
You definitely need to consider this bathroom form when you have a vintage cottage or villa holiday.
Usually, the bathroom may be the central part of the original bathroom. A free-
Stand up-
Best or slipper bath is proud to sit on a dark polished floor, and the embedded or sunken bathtub is attractive only when using a traditional European style bathroom. The wall-
Installed tap or free
It looks elegant to stand.
Heavy ridges and bent angles are often the real reason for the original sanitary ware --
Bold and male.
When decorating an ordinary bathroom, both soft tones and bold colors work well.
The solid shades of brown, chestnut and green provide a great warmth for the area, but be sure to make sure the toilet is well lit and maybe a luxurious chandelier.
With the right color, antique gold is better than Chrome.
Choose curtains, never blinds.
If you choose a dresser instead of a traditional basin and base, please choose a cherry or oak finish;
Or the white Cynk vanity unit is a great look for traditional bathrooms and toilets.
The most attractive reason to have the original bathroom may be that clutter offers more new life
In fact, the original appearance is enhanced.
Don\'t be afraid to put a lot of photos on the wall-
The portrait of a monochrome family member in a golden photo frame is of course a good look.
A dresser or corner table with scented candles, sesame oil or bouquets really enlivened the room.
As a finishing contact for a set of old-fashioned scales, a large frame mirror or bulky traditional radiator provides space for a comfortable old roomfashioned feel.
The American style bathroom is most likely the easiest to design, just as the traditional bathroom only works in the right house.
The classic ethnic style is best connected with floral wallpaper, higher beams, Basin decor and Bath canopy.
According to the traditional design, the cast iron bathroom and serious Ridge sanitary ware are usually the nostalgic performance of the National bathroom.
On blinds and blinds, it is recommended to use grid curtains, flower curtains, although this type of curtain is rare in the UK, it provides a good privacy and increases the impact of the country.
Wood plays a big role in this look, and almost all the furniture works well in this environment, especially with mountain-haired trees, maple trees, ash and oak dressers and cabinets.
Tiles or wood floors are available.
Tiles should be the color of rustic and can be used to make fine mosaics.
Wood floors should be painted to replenish the furniture.
The design can see a template pattern used as a boundary, providing a room with a worn organic look by rubbing the color on the wall space with a sponge.
Nowadays, toilets with higher levels of reservoirs and chains have become rare, but it is absolutely necessary for American bathrooms, just like traditional faucets that are usually used in bathtubs and basins.
Free of charge of almost any type or Type-
The American bathroom is suitable for standing and bathing.
If you are desperate to take a bath, go for a walk.
It is a wise choice to hide the area with curtains in Bath.
For the final touch, add wicker baskets full of Pot pouri, line basket shelves and stylish wall lights.
Shabby Chic \"shabby chic\" is a mixture of vague neglect and style, a fresh phrase used to spell the design of the room.
This is probably the most difficult bathroom design to produce, and choosing this style of bathroom requires a bold choice.
It may be possible to realize it all in a European-style home, a French castle or an outdated Spanish villa.
Contrary to the fitted bathroom, the shabby chic look is actually a mismatch between style and product.
You can also do unexpected things like putting a refrigerator in the corner.
It is expected that nothing can be added, and pipeline works are usually on display, not concealed.
This design works best for those who have inherited your bathroom and want to update it, rather than spending it on a new condo.
The main elements of the decoration are neutral tones, with several dark colors.
Choose a matte or toned wall paint for the wall.
Light gold and yellow work as well as floral or patterned wallpaper.
Like American and traditional bathrooms, cast iron bathrooms are certainly essential. The roll-
The best or slippers bath can be done, and while you don\'t want holes or corrosion, the more shabby the better.
Even consider using sandpaper on paint function and claw feet.
In the sales of antique stores and car trunk products, it is always worth buying old lamps and lanterns.
In this environment, it is strongly recommended to use a counter basin and a decorative design with a very unusual appearance.
Stick it on the washstand or run
Next bathroom
Add unique decorations and antique frame mirrors.
Modern modern bathroom is in the area you use.
The space is small in the numerous bathrooms, so it is essential to take advantage of the space.
As a result, the fitted bathroom suite is actually very popular.
In the renovation of the toilet, the design of the bathroom furniture suitable for measurement is one of the most practical style choices.
How many people in your bathroom have a messy, dry cabinet?
With today\'s bathroom, there is no need to fill the boiler with toiletries, towels and cleaning fluid.
With the fitted vanity, self-storage cabinets and cabinets you should have all the areas you need.
View the walls when designing a modern bathroom-
The hanging furniture must be mentioned.
The white gloss is not going to be out of date, but recently, furniture finishes like wenge, beech and maple have really been welcomed.
With furniture, walls-
Hung bathroom is a good space
Keep the solution while giving the toilet a modern feel.
In addition, the concealed tank unit is definitely more eye-catching
Pleasant appearance compared to standard close rangecoupled toilet.
The shower is a great practical way to optimize the area, so you can enjoy the comfort and ease of taking a shower and shower. Walk-
The shower can also be very popular in the current bathroom, and if you invest in the current bathroom, choose a bathroom with chrome frame instead of white.
Chrome and stainless steel will be the ultimate choice for modern bathrooms, and the taps and tub mixers can be found in real modern design compared to traditional style faucets.
In addition, select the chrome towel rack on the plain white radiator and match it with the chrome accessory. .
When tiling or even painting, don\'t be afraid to decorate with bold colors and get the perfect contrast with chrome and gloss.
If the style and color of the curtains are exquisite, but it is better to choose the stylish blinds.
Fantasy bathroom design dares to be anything else more than traditional, and it allows you to truly innovate with your fantasies and tastes.
Focusing on futurism, this form of bathroom may run counter to traditionalism.
Fantasy design is ideal for exclusive only larger bathrooms, just like all future home designs, large open spaces are often the reason to bring together accessible rooms.
Steam room and Jacuzzi are ideal for shower and bath.
Or combine the beautifully designed bathtub display with the glass bathtub panel.
Because the effect is very small, walking-
In addition, chrome shower accessories and elegant bathtub lighting work very well with modern tiles in the shower.
Sanitary Ware for wall selection-
Suspension or regular closure-
Coupling toilet and basin with sharp angle base and modern design.
Abstract walls of towels and railings
Hanging furniture is perfect for fantasy bathrooms and gives a relaxed, almost surreal feel.
The best luxury in the fantasy bathroom needs to be considered a waterproof TV.
You can even consider doubling the toilet as the gym is equipped with a stationary bike and paddler.
Decorations should not be notable, so choose more than candles and Nick, such as small piles of pebbles and contemporary muralsnacks.
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