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by:Changda     2020-06-22
Remember the elementary school's text jars and tins? Said is proud and tin thinks hard despise POTS, often ridicule it. Clay POTS in the face of tin can laugh at and ridicule don't angry, as time goes by, the dynasty burial, the collapse of the palace, two POTS are buried deep in the thick dust. Many years past, when people dig up the dust, will be full of clay POTS scrub clean, POTS showed its simple, beautiful and value, but the tin to dust disappear over time. Teachers and we speak the story tells us, everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses, for his own shortcomings must face up to, get along with others and should always see something good of others. After now contact tin packaging industry, to the POTS and tin can have a new understanding. Ancient and modern, POTS and tin are used in products in container, but in the modern society, tin POTS utilization is much higher. Tin production use material is mainly tinplate, tinplate can be made of natural decomposition time return to natural, harmless to environment pollution, I think this is became priceless POTS after so many years, and the tin is turned to dust.
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