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by:Changda     2020-06-20
Environmental protection, humanization and cultural values of the three concepts has gradually penetrated into the consumption idea of modern species, it also brings new thinking for metal packaging industry. Take the tin tea pot, it also gradually covering the three aspects of design. Modern new consumers when buying goods in addition to pay attention to the quality of the product itself and the packaging beautiful, another big concern is whether goods coat will bring environment pollution, visible & other; Green packaging & throughout; Is heading for clarifications. Tinplate material can be decomposed caddy, also can use again, in the packaging material, tin is very high-end and elegant, very precious, after using tin tea pot also can be a pen container, saving tank, storage tank, etc. , use value is very big. Tin caddy in & other; Human & throughout; This aspect of the reflect is more convenient to carry, take, storage, easy to open and transport, at the same time, with the characteristics of smaller and more economic. Tin caddy has the feeling of dense texture, decorative glory, some tin caddy is take the form of packaging boxes, make it present a series of products in the shelves of neat, very visual impact. At the time of gift giving is more face. Tin caddy as gift box is generally in all kinds of festivals and celebration, commemoration launch is given priority to, as a friend, family, company, high-end gifts between business partners. Should reflect a precious tea, the tea gift box is not only the taste of tea, and the spread of tea culture, has the passion of the ritual function. Different tin caddy will have different selling point to attract consumers. Personalized packaging, multi-sensory printing, uneven metallic tin tea pot can show your charm, play the role of tinplate caddy is due.
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