Pupil words vending machine _ in the belly metal _ tin box packing box manufacturers

by:Changda     2020-06-21
This few days in wuhan metro appeared more and more words the pupil vending machines, immediately let us lamenting the progress of science and technology, now not only the seamless communication between people, will also realize and fully connected and communication. In the emergence of the rows of automatic cargo aircraft, see the inside of the goods, not only can let a person think of, who made the product outer metal box? With this problem, we will come into the metal packaging manufacturers - Can factory, we also commonly known as the tin box packaging manufacturers. Can factory was founded in 2004, is specialized in the production of metal packaging for the customer service of enterprise, the production of metal boxes sold in the United States, Mexico, Canada, Germany, Australia, Russia and other 35 countries in the world. Metal packaging products through the ISO9001:2015, QS, CIO, the FDA and other domestic and international recognition. Can plants through the brand such as Disney, wal-mart, Coca-Cola and SEDEX, BSCI inspection. Because the quality is recognized by customers all over the world, is a pupil like ma yinglong pharmaceutical group brands to cooperate with us so far. Look at the below words which products in the vending machine is the pupil in custom packaging. 【 The red box for can customize metal packing 】 Can the main products include: iron boxes, tin, aluminum boxes, food boxes, caddy, biscuit boxes, chocolate box, cosmetic box, pencil case, cigarette case, wine bottle packaging, piggy bank, wax pot, ice bucket, iron, etc.
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