pupils give teachers chills over ice bucket challenge

by:Changda     2020-06-14
The idea is likely to emerge in the minds of many students-pouring a bucket of ice --
Cold water on the teacher\'s head.
Yesterday, however, this thought became a reality for Punchbowl elementary school students Molly and Henry Woolcock, who nominated Jack Bennett and Loretta Kenny as \"ice\"
The concept is that people dare to put a bucket of ice water on their heads to each other to raise awareness of various diseases.
If the nominee refuses, they are asked to donate $100 to the specific charity chosen by the nominator.
The concept has gone global on social media and some celebrities are filming their own challenge videos. Twelve-year-
Old Molly Woolcock says her ice bucket challenge is to raise awareness about motor neuron disease.
\"This is for aunts who are struggling with motor neuron disease,\" she said . \".
\"We just think it will be a good way to raise awareness and encourage people to donate.
\"MS Bennett, a fifth and sixth grade teacher, said she was nervous yesterday before taking up the challenge in front of the whole school.
However, she acknowledged that she would do anything to raise awareness.
\"It\'s a good business and the students are obviously very enthusiastic about it,\" she said . \".
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