sauna accessories for an even better sauna bath

by:Changda     2020-06-13
Every experienced sauna shower knows how valuable the right sauna accessories are.
Normally, it was these equipment that had an impact between the second meeting.
Rate and a real advantage.
The proper use of accessories can help bathers create a perfect atmosphere for relaxation and refreshing in the soothing sauna.
Here are some of the more common list of sauna accessories used by sauna enthusiasts around the world: loofah sponge.
Loofah is a very popular product in Asian baths and European spas, and when used as a bath sponge, it creates a mild gloss and restores skin vitality.
It is a natural organic cleaning sponge and is also known for improving blood circulation, removing dead skin cells and promoting healthy skin.
The blood circulation caused by loofah sponge on the skin is considered a relief in patients with rheumatism and arthritis.
Loofah is an environment-safe and biodegradable renewable resource. Sauna brushes.
Many sauna enthusiasts like to scrub their bodies with special brushes as they sweat in the sauna.
Whether or not the brush has a long handle for those who are hardto-
The sauna brush is accessible, with removable handles or no handles at all, and is a great tool to help clean and massage the skin of the bathers.
The soft natural bristles of most brushes help the skin to fall off and can greatly help to restore the freshness and vitality of the bath.
Proper use of sauna brush can also improve blood circulation, so there is no reason not to use sauna brush in your accessories. Sauna buckets.
It is also commonly called sauna barrels, which are used to hold water in traditional Finland.
Rock sauna style.
Many experienced swimmers prefer barrels made of cedar, pine or copper.
If you buy one
Wooden sauna barrels must be emptied and stored upside down after each use.
Also, due to the fact that high temperatures can cause the wood to expand and shrink, you may consider buying a lining for your sauna bucket to prevent leakage.
Sauna perfumes and flavors.
Eucalyptus, birch, pine, spruce, Holly, mint, lemon and lime are just some of the most attractive of all the scents of today --
Natural spices.
Add a few drops of these perfume to your loyal water and let yourself succumb to the ecstasy of smell.
Why not combine sauna and aromatherapy?
Two punches of pure sensory pleasure?
Sauna headrest and back rest.
Complete comfort can be achieved by using these important accessories.
Wooden headrests or pillows gently cushion the head on the recliner while the back provides support, relief and luxury, as the name implies, on the back of the person.
Head rest and back rest can also be used effectively as footrest if sauna wants. Sauna ladles.
Sometimes also known as dip, lad is as important as a bucket for a traditional sauna.
It is a bucket or two on the hot rock of the Finnish sauna that produces many purists who insist on helping to define the steam or loyalty of a real sauna.
Any water on the rock in the sauna heater should be done using a spoon or spoon.
Doing so can keep your hands away from the generated steam and prevent possible steam from burning, it can help you better control how much water you pour into the Rock, in turn, humidity levels in the room.
Although many lad are made entirely of wood, some lad children are characterized by copper or stainless steel sco and cedar, birch or Pine handles.
Some of the bags also come with leather straps. Peg racks.
For anyone who wants to hang a towel or bathrobe near or inside the sauna, it is recommended to use the sauna hook rack.
Wooden racks with four, five or six pin hooks are popular with swimmers who like to be with family or friends.
Hook racks like this are sometimes called hangers or towel racks.
Another word commonly used to describe the Hanger is the hanger. Sauna soap.
Ordinary soap may be too harsh for some saunas, but sauna soap is specifically for sensitive skin and works very well in sauna conditions. Long-lasting, hypo-
Allergic soap with birch or pine scent is a popular choice for many hot room enthusiasts.
Before or after the meeting, you can use extra bath and body supplies to help clean and moisturize your skin. Sauna timers.
Some saunas use timers to help them keep track of how long they \'ve been inside and make sure they don\'t spend too much time in hot weather.
The traditionalist may prefer 15-
Minutes of sand timer, while people with contemporary tastes may rely on 90-
Minute electronic timers or more modern programmable devices, usually providing time as part of a beautifully designed control panel-
Delay and automatic shutdown
Restless full-featured.
Since wearing a watch in a hot room is impractical and dangerous, the sauna timer is definitely a useful accessory. Sauna whisks.
A sauna mixer is called vihta or vasta in Finland.
In its most traditional form, vihta or vasta is a thick pile of young, soft, leafy birch branches that are used to promote blood circulation and once the sweat is fully softened
After dipping the branches in the water, the bathers will actually whip the flag with the branches or pat him or herself.
While the number of uses of force often depends on personal preference, such activities should not be painful or sexual, and many Finnish enthusiasts believe there is nothing wrong with having others hit them with branches.
Purists may argue that birch branches tied together are the best whiskey, but, in some countries where it is difficult to find birch trees, cedar or pine trees are sometimes used.
Whether the branches are birch trees, cedar trees or pine trees, the flapping action will release a pleasant fragrance in the air.
Other options include oak trees, maple trees, mountain ash, hazel trees and eucalyptus trees.
Thermometer and humidity meter.
By definition, the thermometer measures the temperature by using materials that change in some way when heated or cooled.
In a Mercury or alcohol thermometer, the liquid expands when heated and shrinks when cooled.
German physicist Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit invented the alcohol and mercury thermometer in the early 1700 s and launched a temperature label named after him in 1724.
Swedish astronomers Anders degrees Celsius issued a temperature standard for degrees Celsius in 1742, also known as the temperature standard for degrees Celsius.
The moisture meter measures the water content or humidity of the air or any gas.
Italian artist, scientist and inventor Leonardo da Vinci built the first crude oil moisture meter in the 1400 s, and Italian doctor Francisco Foley invented a more practical moisture meter in the 1664 s.
As an accessory, the thermometer and the humidity meter are provided separately as two items, combined into one item, or a package.
For any bathroom that wants to monitor the temperature and humidity of the sauna, they are vital instruments.
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