Shang Zhimei: The new moon cake packaging series in 2020.

by:Changda     2020-06-15
Mid-Autumn Festival is a traditional Chinese festival. Although this year's Mid-Autumn Festival is still five months away, some mooncake manufacturers are already planning for its launch. Among them, the packing box of customized moon cake is the top priority. Today, Shenzhen Shangzhimei Packaging takes you to understand the new moon cake packaging box series in 2020. Moon cake packaging box series are: round, rectangular, square, octagonal, shaped and so on. Product packaging is an important part of the product, it not only plays a protective role in the process of transportation, but also directly related to the sale of products. The box types of commonly used moon cakes are as follows: 1. A classic and traditional mooncake box -- round The round iron box of moon cake is mainly in traditional bright red, with the character of Fu as the ornament to highlight the festive atmosphere. The size of the box is 220*78mm. Body: 437 * 45 mm; Bottom: 153 * 153 mm; Adopt three-piece tank with outer winding structure. The mould for making iron box includes five sets of moulds, such as opening for cover, winding line, opening for bottom, punching body and Luo Class. Manufacturing process: outside the winding line, flat cover, neck line gong bottom, 3 pieces of cans 2.2020 New box - octagonal moon cake box The box type is newly developed by Shangzhimei packaging in 2020. The box type is unique and novel, and the decorative pattern is exquisite. Once it is launched, it is highly praised and favored by all parties. Iron box size: 169*169*70mm; There are 11 sets of making molds for the iron box: cover, plume mouth, coil line, bottom cutting, reverse binding, body forming, 2 sets of shrink mouth, punching and bottom buckle, etc. Printing USES four printing. 3. Common boxes -- rectangular mooncake boxes The rectangular moon cake box size: 300*120*74mm. Printing adopts four colors, mainly yellow color. In & other; Be on the top of the tree. Implication is the design concept. 4. Square moon cake box 5. Vintage boxes -- Portable boxes The above is about the moon cake box packaging box related introduction, I hope to help you. You are welcome to contact us if you need customized mooncake tin boxes.
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