shop talk : a few assorted looks at chocolate gift boxes : as the holidays approach, it\'s time for a short but sweet sampler of the varieties available in general convenience stores.

by:Changda     2020-06-11
At this time of year, we will once again give you a gift of gratitude, love and friendship.
We\'re talking about chocolate.
This is the main part of the holiday, perfect for the special person who loves sweets, or when you don\'t want to come to the party empty --handed.
Of course, as the government has stricter regulations on nutrition labels on food packaging, this gift of love can also be interpreted as a gift of fat and calories.
It was a bit of a shock to us when we turned over a box of things we had ever had
In Wittman\'s sample, three pieces of chocolate have 200 calories and 11 grams of fat.
Get happiness from the whole thing of giving/receiving.
But chocolate is to stay, so let\'s see what\'s wrong with the chocolate gift box sold at the general convenience store.
Boxes with caramel, nuts and chewy, boxes with cream --filled candies.
But to a large extent, we still chose the general \"Assorted Chocolate \".
We found two companies. -
Whitman and Russell Stover-
Chocolate gift box dominate the world.
We also studied some chocolate.
Cover Australian nuts, but we will discuss it later.
Let\'s start with a sample of Whitman.
They have been around since 1842, and one of the easily recognizable yellow boxes shows heartfelt intentions. The 1 3/4-ounce, four-
The thrift of 79 Immortals (
By the way, a shop with a chocolate aisle ---Very impressive;
We and our sweets will visit whenever we have a chance). That same-
Longs is 75 cents in size.
In thrift and desire, one
Whitman\'s box is $6. 95.
There is also a 3 for thrifle. 6-ounce box ($1. 55)and a two-pound box ($13. 50).
Note: You can consider these two if we happen to be on your gift listpounder.
As for Russell Stover, the most common size is 8 ounces and 1 pound. The eight-
The price is $2 an ounce.
$95 for Rexall and Kmart, $2. 85 at Longs. The one-
Pounder spent $5.
Prices for Thrifty and Kmart are $75 and $7. 50 (
Color packaging in special autumn)at Rexall.
Russell Stover has a range of specialties
There is a \"gift box \"(
Sparkling White with raised font and rose stem)going for $8.
1/2 in Longs.
The same project is down from $8. 50 to $7. 67 at Kmart.
Eight more-
The Little Ambassador mini chocolate for $4 an ounce is placed in an attractive gold box.
45 yuan long, $3. 97 (
Cut from $4. 55)at Kmart.
Is there enough chocolate? No way.
At Hallmark, they sell a wide variety of Crown chocolate boxes.
The average price of assorted chocolate is $1. 19 (
1 1/2 ounces, or 3), $1. 89 (
2 1/2 ounces, or 5), $6. 25 (11 ounces)and $6. 75 (13 ounces). A special six-
The Oz \"autumn collection\" in the cute maple leaf box is priced at $5. 99.
Okay, that\'s the direct chocolate.
Now we want to say a word or two about chocolate.
Covered with macadamia nuts, special food for the holidays.
Thrifty owns the monaloa brand of chocolate
Half price and full price of $3.
Six ounces 99
The store also sold Hawaiian-branded macadamia nuts for the same price, including caramel and chocolate.
Both boxes claim they are made up of \"100%\" Hawaiian nuts.
In Langes, Brown and Hayley of almond Rocca (
Another nice holiday project, by the way)
It entered the macadamia nut bill with 7 points. 05-
A box of chocolate per ounce
$5 cap nut. 29.
Now, remember that the best way to buy chocolate as a holiday gift is if you forget to give it to the intended recipient (
Or if you fight with the intended recipient and don\'t want to give the gift any more)
You can always eat candy by yourself.
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