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by:Changda     2020-06-22
What do you shopping at first glance to see? Must be packing box! For consumers, brighten a shopper's mood is the most important function of products, not just is to provide nutrition, food described the calories or have health care, etc. These features, generally describes the products function, in fact most of the time all is not in the scope of consumers when making decision. Now in the market there are many different kinds of food, a trend for consumers to carry presbyopia, and most of the food producers or use the product selling points and features to distinguish between each other, just ignore the most important differentiator: food packaging. As the saying goes: & other; Goods sold a piece of leather & throughout; , thus the importance in the process of food packaging in the product sales. In before packaging mostly only two functions, one is to protect the health and integrity of the packing of the second is expressed within the food related information, such as the raw materials, food use manufacturers, product shelf-life and so on. And now, corporate gift packing more features, connotation is also increasingly rich. Now food packaging is no longer just a thin layer of plastic or paper, in order to promote the enterprise product sales, brand, corporate culture, is shouldering the mission of tinplate was born box packaging, make the packaging became part of the most important product of many factors. Dupont's law said: & other; 63% make buying decisions of consumers are founded on the packaging of goods & throughout; 。 So, we often can see consumers to purchase products at the mall are those & other; Packaging exquisite & throughout; That a lot of consumer reaction, the market appeared & other; Choose the wrong thing & throughout; Phenomenon, so lead product sales success, the enterprise development important farmar is a good iron boxes tin product packaging.
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