Special moon cake tin box packaging

by:Changda     2020-06-15
Although the festival is still more than four months away, but the moon cake packaging market has been surging, the major moon cake brands have already designed and customized their own moon cake packaging. In this year's market, moon cake boxes are not only exquisitely decorated, but also have unique box types and many kinds of packaging. Common moon cake packaging in the market include iron box packaging, wood box, bamboo box, silk box, lacquer box, plastic box, etc. Some novel packaging design and renovation marketing strategies have also been applied to moon cake iron box packaging. Such as the use of convex engraving in the texture than the general printing more texture; In the box design also as far as possible novel or strange shape, such as moon cake iron box design into the shape of an iron pot (as shown below), so as to attract consumers with strange box shape, promote product sales. 1. Analysis of iron box molds Mold for the mooncake box: 10 sets of cover, plume, curling line, bottom cutting, fly edge, body molding, bottom buckle, punch line, press bone, etc. Production process: 3 pieces of cover with outer roll, special-shaped bottom buckle, sheet iron thickness: 0.25; 2. Design analysis & MDash; & ndash; Design concept With light yellow as the background, highlighting the Mid-Autumn festival atmosphere, the construction of a good picture together under the moon, full of festive colors and a symbol of family reunion; Let the picture appear full, lively. The colors of the package are warm colors close to the moonlight and the whole picture is decorated with flowing clouds. How about this? Is this the first time to see such a strange mooncake box? Did it catch your eye?
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