Tea iron box packaging design ideas | iron box information

by:Changda     2020-06-17
One is the color design of the package. Taking the packaging design of Da Hong Pao tea as an example, its design ideas are mainly considered in terms of style and color, such as simple and generous packaging structure, convenience for mechanical production and reduction of production cost. The whole with red, yellow and orange as the main color, bright and generous color, giving a noble, elegant, sweet feeling. Delicate patterns are more likely to arouse people's desire to buy and promote sales. Second, tea packaging shape and decoration design. A. The designer determines the shape of the tea packaging. There are two main styles in the market, which are either very luxurious or simple. For example, the simple and generous cuboid is used as the outer packing model and the cylindrical inner packing. Because the internal packaging and the outer packaging are similar in structure, harmonious and convenient in production, the outer packaging can be placed in more than one internal packaging, and only the outer packaging size can be modified according to the needs. Or the shape of corrugated boxes, because the weight of the contents is not very large, and the number is not very much. B. Structure of tea packaging. According to the above packaging model, the outer packing can be considered as the structure of book box. The inner packaging is paper cylinder, which is a more traditional packaging form. C. Description of the decoration design of tea packaging, such as: the outer packing is yellow, showing a noble temperament, the teapot and teacup set off each other, more harmonious; The back has the background, which reflects the history and culture of China. When opening the box, there is a detailed introduction of the value of Pu 'er tea inside, which makes the whole package more complete and compact. The inner package also takes yellow background color, the main decoration surface is two old people playing chess plan, the back is the introduction of tea, the packaging form is in general and the outer packing echo each other at a distance, reflects the noble temperament. Three, is the packaging company logo image design: the company logo is the embodiment of the company's public image, including the company's products and culture, is the public's first perception of the enterprise impression, therefore, the realization of the company's image design is very necessary. Fourth, the functional design of packaging The designed packaging must achieve the basic functions of packaging, that is, to protect the goods, to transmit the commodity information, to sell the goods. Packaging should also convey the emotional communication information between people, improve the positioning of the product, it is carrying the emotional communication and friendship with consumers bridge. When consumers buy a product, in addition to focus on product, also attaches great importance to the packaging of the product. Such as tea, biscuits, cosmetics and so on, a custom that has grade of eye-catching tin box packaging products, in addition to being able to let the consumer like to increase sales, can increase value-added goods more. Elegant tea package can be implemented to improve brand awareness.
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