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by:Changda     2021-04-02
Identify and design anti-counterfeiting packaging for tea packaging tins

Compared with tea in iron boxes, counterfeiting of tea bags in tea bags is becoming more and more serious. Perhaps due to the increase in the processing cost of tea iron boxes and the increase in transportation costs, products with fake tea bags appear on the market. Therefore, we should also bag tea in anti-counterfeiting packaging.

For bags of tea, adding a change in the order of decoration and printing will receive a good anti-counterfeiting effect. The method is to put the tea in the bag, seal it, and then print it, which not only guarantees the glue The exterior decoration of the bag is consistent with the decoration effect.

You can also use cans for tea packaging, and add a plastic cover to the mouth of the can. This kind of packaging is not only anti-counterfeit, but also conducive to opening and preservation.

In the anti-counterfeiting design of tea packaging, the main consideration is the anti-counterfeiting of the tea canister structure, and the anti-counterfeiting of printing and other anti-counterfeiting technologies that are practical today. One of the guiding ideologies in the design stage is the idea of u200bu200bincreasing the crime line in order to achieve the purpose of anti-counterfeiting. This will inevitably increase the investment cost of manufacturers and cause unnecessary capital investment, but this is a strategy that has to be implemented.

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