Tea tins how best to store the tea is tinplate packaging function of caddy?

by:Changda     2020-06-19
In this era of development faster and faster, tin caddy got the extensive application of many people. For its wide application is already approved for this products, society nowadays how to better storage tea, do you know? Metal tea tins packaging plant together with you to understand. Tea is a kind of dry or dry dried, easy to moisture absorption and produce qualitative change of be affected with damp be affected with damp, it to absorb moisture, odor is very strong, and the tea aroma volatile extremely easily, so when the tea custody at the time, not easy to cause the sour tea, therefore, should use the container and scientific method to save tea from ancient has been changing. And considering the tin case beautifully printed, portable, fashionable factors such as the production process, so save the tea in the tin can get the welcome of people. Now there are three ways of preserving tea: tin case save method, the porcelain altar save and bag hidden box. These three methods all need to have a good storage effect, dry not wet, convenient storage, and avoid light environment, to guarantee the quality and taste the tea for a long time. After long-term use, found the three storage mode to store tea is more appropriate, but considering the factors such as price and production process, because of tinplate cans beautifully printed, convenient to carry, novel styles, more suitable for as gifts to express the affection between friends and relatives, favored by the majority of citizens.
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