Tea tins packaging manufacturer: tea tins of common structure exactly have?

by:Changda     2020-06-19
Tin types of all kinds, from the structure points up and down with combination of heaven and earth cover type, are free to flip open, there is a direct see product of the open window, with special shapes of different forms, there are double sealed double cover type, the type laid the basic structure of tea tins packaging, under the basic framework, imaginative designers developed a protean tank type, to the packing of the products put on the cool jacket, full of beautiful things in eyes, overwhelmed. Below small make up tea tins packaging manufacturer to do the common tea tins type and name one by one: 1. To make tea tins packaging is composed of cover and bottom pot, as a general rule, be fit on the small use. This pot of tea tins is the most common, and we are everywhere. Tea tins packaging 2 heaven and earth. Double cover tea tins packaging by two cover pot and a bottom of tank, two cover can strengthen the airtight sex of the pot, pot type is the atmosphere. This tank type tea tins sealing is better, and was deeply loved by everyone. Double cover tea tins packaging 3. Clamshell tea tins packaging is heaven and earth cover tank and side cover pot is the combination of heaven and earth, the difference is the jar with buttons on the back of the connection, can free before and after the flip open and close. 4 clamshell tea tin packing. A side window tea tins packaging in the jar or open the window, multifaceted fit in side transparent PET material, such as to fully display the content of information. Window tea tins packaging 5. Special tea tins packages imaginative designers developed a protean tank type, to the packing of the products put on the cool coat. Special tea tins packages above is the most common on the market of tea tins packaging structure, there are many more special small make up in the special tea tins packages will not list one by one. Want to learn more knowledge about tea tins packaging, please continue to pay attention to the tea tin can packaging manufacturer related news and information or consultation hotline!
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