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by:Changda     2020-06-15
WHISTLER (Reuters)-
Amy Williams and the flame
Hair-haired Canadian contestant Jon Montgomery, after last week\'s luge death, gave a welcome cheer for the Olympic slippery movement.
The skeleton, once ridiculed as \"sliding along the head of the track --
The first is on the tea tray, \"has been living in the shadow of the sledge and sledge, but after a spectacular and injury --
Whistler\'s free competition may now be recognized as it deserves.
Williams told Reuters on Saturday that \"when people asked me what I did, it was annoying to have to describe what the sport was,\" the day after her 90-mile/hour head --
Gold\'s first slide ended 30 of her country-
Waiting for the year of individual Winter Olympic champions.
\"The campaign is doing well there.
It would be great to have the same level of bones and alpine skiing.
\"I \'ve even used the tea tray description, but hopefully now people will start to realize what it is.
\"In Germany, all the taxiing is important, but it is possible that sledding and sledding will receive more attention.
But they took the silver and bronze behind me, so they now think it\'s equal.
For a while, the skeleton is the back.
It was a good choice for German Louis who didn\'t get good grades, but the British acting director, former world champion Andy Schmid, agreed that the skeleton had won a place.
\"We are 100 years old, but we didn\'t come back until 2002,\" he said . \".
\"We are technically at the same level as other sports and I would like to see all the sliding movements work together.
\"The skeleton was invented by the British Army in St. Moritz and returned to the Olympics only after the age of 54 in 2002.
But it turns out that three games are very popular.
Williams became a national heroine overnight at home, with pictures of her big smile in the newspaper, and TV news about her victory.
At the same time, Montgomery sparked parties around Whistler after the men\'s game reached an amazing climax, which lasted until the last corner of the last game.
After seven minutes of gold from Martins dukul, his reaction was one of the moments of the game.
Montgomery described the skeleton as \"red this week --
The hair is a sliding stepson \", but no one will see the slider scraping ice with his chin through the 16 corners of Whistler, and they may not show great respect for their bravery.
The death of luge Nordal kumitashveli was only meant to highlight awareness of the dangers.
\"What happened on the sledge shook a lot of people and they realized it was dangerous and we were driving at high speed and if you got it wrong you would hurt yourself or worse, Montgomery said.
\"The skeleton and sled family are closely related --knit.
\"When Luger struggles after the death of kumitashili, key officials will leave Vancouver to be satisfied with the image depicted by their movement.
Even America\'s appeal failed. S.
The Canadian team of Williams racing helmet design didn\'t get upset, and the hosts were happy even though Melisa Hollinsworth\'s tears lost her chance to win a medal.
Montgomery saw this and was fascinated by the world.
His high-profile Gold Medal is a perfect testament to why millions of people watch the games and to the fact that the spirit of sport is not lost.
When Dukurs failed to beat his time, but soon realized that one\'s happiness was another\'s sorrow, he celebrated like a madman.
\"I must apologize to Martins,\" he said . \".
\"I lost my mind when I saw 0.
07 come up, I am like stuck my finger on a lamp stand.
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