Techniques for Making a Few Simple Boxes

by:Changda     2020-05-31
This instructable will show several techniques for making simple wooden boxes.
\"But the picture,\" you said. . \"That\'s just. . . lame.
Can\'t you make something with the umbrella and the toaster that keeps you dry and warm at the same time?
I\'m talking about \"but internet people \". . .
\"Hide my thoughts, don\'t steal them anymore. . . .
Electric umbrellas are not. . ready. . . yet. \" I know. . I know. .
The box is boring. Boxes are dull. . But. .
The techniques I will show can be applied to things that are slightly more interesting, such as photo frames and. . well. .
Other Square things.
You will think of something. .
I concentrate here. .
Come up with your own solution. . . OK?
My laziness and unwillingness to spend any money means I will make smaller boxes.
Think about the size of paperback books.
These technologies can be amplified, but you can be there yourself.
After graduating from high school, I have never had a shop class or any convenient relatives.
Most of what I have learned I have to figure it out myself or learn from the book.
The reason I mentioned this is because I am sure the store
The Nazis would climb out of the clouds and tell me what I did wrong, but it worked for me.
Please be friendly if you have any suggestions or want to correct them.
It would be better if we could all get along.
First of all, something safe.
Something safe: I will use some power tools in some parts.
Powerful power tools.
There is neither a sense of self nor a tool of soul.
In that case, they have no idea at all about the difference between 3/4 plywood and your ox sheet (Its a bone. . in your leg. .
The bottom of your leg. . . )
What I get here is that any power tool is easier for you to chew or throw large pieces than a piece of wood, so be sure to be careful, don\'t let any soft parts appear in shiny moving parts.
When using any tool (such as a table saw or drill bit) with rotating parts, you should remove any jewelry or loose clothing that may be stuck.
The only thing more embarrassing than feeding your thumb into the table saw is to clip your heart-shaped BFF bracelet onto the blade and get sucked in by your toenails.
Then you will become a friend of \"Stumpy.
Nobody wants to ride a roller coaster with this clumsy friend. Wear eye and (
When appropriate)
Respiratory protection.
To give me this lesson, I just need my eyes to rust once.
Some materials can emit very dangerous dust or particles.
Plexiglass and table saw are great ways to wash the melted plastic shower, and the mid-fiber board and grinding wheel will give you \"brown lungs\" and scratch the cornea.
Yes, it all happened to me.
During this guidance, I have removed some security guards on my soulless killing machine in order to better show you the process I am performing.
I don\'t recommend doing this in any way, it\'s not my normal way of working.
The manufacturer has made a lot of effort to make these small pieces of plastic. leave them on.
If I want to scare you, then I am.
I \'ve had my desk look for about 10 years now and every time I open it this damn thing still scares me.
You should be scared.
The fact that I think I still have 10 fingers is that I do my best to respect and fear the power of these tools, and I encourage anyone who does so to develop the same cautious attitude.
Different technologies require different tools. .
I feel like writing this article is as stupid as most of you think I mention it, but sometimes things have to be said.
For this reason, I will try to break down a specific list of tools at the beginning of each technology.
The following project is a comprehensive list of what I use in this project.
For example, many techniques can be replaced with tools, hand drills for drilling machines, or Mitter boxes instead of Mitter saws.
I will also introduce basic explanations, actions, and settings
Get the tools ready so don\'t be too scared by the details.
Tools: hand drills and various bit Sander--
This can be straight sandpaper and a piece of wood, or electric sanderspeed squaresawClamps (
Small big)Strap clamp (
Or a rope and a stick. .
I will explain it later. . )
Tape measurement optional: table sawmill drill pressure screw drive box and saw material \"good\" wood (heh! )--
Most of the projects can be done with a 4 feet 1x4.
Project 3 requires 4 feet 1x2.
You can sacrifice one or two pieces of wood.
A small wooden pile glue of 1/8 to 1/4 (
Gorilla Glue is better if you have a choice)
This is the basic run of some tools just to let us know what we are talking about.
When I first started making things, it was quite routine to use a butter knife as a screwdriver and a pipe wrench as a hammer.
Until your mother tells you that Christmas has been ruined because all her silverware has burnt marks and twisted tips.
Then you get angry and yelling at buying her a new silver dress, she\'s like \"the department store is closed, Christmas is here\" and then you cry. Sorry Mom.
The first thing I \'ve learned in health class is that you can\'t use the tool properly until you know what it is.
Yes, it\'s a bit dirty joke. Sorry.
I have to get a \"tool\" joke here or I will never forgive myself.
If you are already familiar with using the tools listed, you can skip this section.
I would say that I actually got a hint or two when I looked into it all.
You should have some essentials and I will take this opportunity to explain what they are and how to use them.
I will also link to more detailed instructions as I will not pretend that I have time to be a comprehensive resource.
What about the cordless tools you said?
Okay, let me turn around here for a while.
Cordless tools may be a good option if you are planning to work outside or need to move around, but I have an issue with battery exhaustion. I hate it.
I hate it like cats hate water or my hamster hates cats.
This is a whole bunch.
Just personal preferences.
It\'s just a simple metal triangle with a mark.
For dinner, it has an angle of 45 degrees and 90 degrees.
If you are trying to make an accurate cut of some wood, this is the fastest way to make a straight line.
One edge has a lip mounted along the edge of the plate, and then you can draw an angle of 90 degrees or 45 degrees using the other edges. Speedy!
Even if you have a Mitter box, you should have a Mitter box.
There are also techniques to mark almost any angle using this tool.
I won\'t look at them here, but I will link to it. Detailed how-
ToTape measures well-known and time-tested tape measure.
The only thing that is more common than a tape measure is how often people use it incorrectly.
One thing people often do wrong is measure from the end of the tape.
I know it sounds like a crazy conversation, but the end of using the tape is a bit inaccurate if you try any precise way.
Take a closer look at the little metal soup at the end of the tape. It moves.
It moves 1/16 on some of my tapes.
There is actually a reason for this: the tip of the tape is nailed in place and slides slightly;
The length of the slide is the same as the thickness of the tip to allow the user to make accurate measurements.
With the sliding tip, you will get the same measurement, Hook the end of the tape to a piece of wood, or hook the tip to the corner.
This is actually a rather sloppy operation in daily work.
If you build a wall or anything on a larger scale, that\'s fine.
It\'s important if you make a 6\' long box with tight joints.
I usually take out some tape, start the measurement from the 1 \"mark, and then subtract 1 inch from my final measurement.
My project has become more precise since I started doing this. Detailed how-
Tosaw has an incredible number and style of saws.
If your building is a full shop, you should have several types, but for the purposes of this article, we just need something that is usually called a chainsaw or a rear saw.
These are the most common included versions when you buy a Mitter box.
Different types of saws require different techniques to use them properly.
Popular Mechanics has a great article about some types and their use.
For this project, just get a project that looks like the picture below.
Usually, you can use these as a combination with a Mitter box.
Due to its flexibility and practicality, manual or power drills are essential.
I highly recommend a wire drill with good quality.
Choosing the right one is often a matter of personal preference.
There is a great video here.
You should also get a set of bits.
The more the better.
I tend to chew them like bubble gum.
There are many types.
I found this handy guide.
You can get a standard set of distorted bits if your budget is tight.
I have nothing to say about these.
There are many types, but the \"quick clip\" style turns out to be the most useful as they can usually work at oncehanded.
The traditional screw-style bar clip is fine, but you should make sure there is something between your work and the clip to prevent it from leaving traces.
The clamping glue joint is much stronger than the United Nationsclamped joints.
Be sure to clip if possible.
This should be done now. .
Although we did a fixture or two later. . Or. .
No power tools how to do this.
In fact, all three can be done easily in the living room.
This is a basic way to make a small box using only the herringbone box and the saw.
I call it the living room method because if you have an understanding and very attractive wife that is always right, you can usually get away with it while watching TV (Hi honey! *waves*).
It does not require any wide range of equipment and can be done fairly quickly.
The corner will be a simple thigh joint, so there is nothing novel yet.
Tools and materials: ruler or measuring ruler, distributor box, saw or table saw (small)wood -
For this project I am using standard 1x4 Pine from local Home Depot, a 4 feet 1x4 sandpaper
Savvy observers will notice that 1x4 is actually closer to 3/4x3 1/2.
This is the case. The jerks.
Like I used to be able to get a Slim Jim as big as my arm, now they are barely as big as toothpicks. *Note -
The board in the figure is actually 3x3/4 inch.
For another project, I tore a strap from the board.
Let it go.
The measurements listed are accurate for your project.
Measure and cut from the end 4-
Boarding students 7 inch long 2-
5 inch boards1-
8-inch 1/2 board.
Cut as accurately as possible.
One trick in this regard is that the next plate can only be measured after you have finished cutting the previous plate. If you pre-
Measure all parts, some of which may be shorter than expected due to the action of the saw.
The saw is not as good as a steak knife.
The saw actually cuts the wood by removing a thin material passage.
The sawdust came from here.
There is no steak dust when your lovely steak, because it is actually cut meat. . . mmmmm steak. . . .
If you clip the part in the Mitter box while machining, it will be easier to cut.
When you saw the part, trying to fight with the part is a good way to loosen your thumb.
I usually start measuring from the 1 inch mark to make it as accurate as possible.
Do not polish any edges before gluing.
People usually want to swipe it quickly to clean up the edges etc, but what happens in the end is that you break the straight edge of the board and you see the gap when you stick it up.
If you have the edge of the gap, grind it flat with your fingers and glue it.
If there is anything unclear, please check the picture for details. 1.
Take a piece of 7 inch, put a thin layer of wood glue on the long side of the two sides. 2.
Place the other two of the 7 inch plates on the edge of the adhesive to form a \"U\" shape.
Make sure both ends are aligned and everything is straight. 3.
Clamp the end loosely just to put everything together. 4.
Place the last 7 \"board on top without glue and then secure it there with a clip.
The board is just to make sure the sides are straight and the gap on the top is not wider than the bottom.
Don\'t believe your eyes in this one. 5.
Tighten the clips of all inspection boards to make sure there is no sliding.
If you have a large adhesive area, it is not uncommon for the debris to move at all.
You should see some glue squeezed out.
If not, you either have the ability to use the required glue or you don\'t use enough glue. 6. Let it dry.
Let it dry for an hour before touching it again. 7.
Take care to remove the clip when it looks dry.
Joints may be tender. Set the un-
Stick the 7 inch board to one side. 8.
Place a thin layer of glue on the edges of the two \"U\" shapes. 9.
Put both end caps on and align the edges as carefully as possible.
If something is not 100% away, don\'t worry, it can be fixed when polished.
The closer you get to it, the less sand you have. 10.
Clamp the two end caps in place to dry the whole thing overnight.
* Dual clamp technology-
My clip is not long enough to reach and clamp the sides.
Although I have longer clips, I would like to tell you how to do this.
As shown, take two clips and hook them together.
Tighten the two clips and it is like a long clip.
This works very well for small pieces that don\'t require great pressure.
* Implementation of sleepy sleepertons zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
Remove the clip and enjoy your work. 12.
Take the last 7 inch plank and check the fit on the top. .
It should be very close, but not too tight.
If it\'s too close, polish the edges until it\'s easy to install.
If you have difficulty removing it again after installation, simply screw a small screw in the center and pull it out like a handle.
When the rest of the top is assembled, the holes will be covered. 13.
Take the last 8 1/2 plate, measure it, draw a line 3/4 from each side.
The last 7 inch should be clean. 14.
Glue all one side of the 7 inch board and place it between the lines on the 8 1/2 board.
Clamping to ensure that it does not move.
It will slip a little easier.
When the glue dries
Clamp the lid and check if it is appropriate. Your Done!
Sand and paint for your pleasure.
What I learned: how to cut the pieces accurately.
How to glue and clip. Patience (
But very useful. . )
This is a way to make small boxes with integrated Wood hinges.
It\'s not as terrible as it sounds.
I\'m actually scared, but don\'t tell anyone.
You can also do this in the living room, but wait until the wife is not at home.
Exercises often scare cats and scare cats to run around the house is not the formula for marriage happiness.
Especially if you have 5 small @ % ers like us.
This does not require any wide range of equipment and can be done fairly quickly.
The corner joint will be a simple lap joint.
This time, we have to make a small turn.
You can also rotate if you want to be a technician.
Tools and materials: sawn glue for a ruler or measuring ruler, crate, saw or table (
For this project, I recommend using \"Gorilla Glue\" in the hinge section \". )Clamps (small)wood -
4 feet 1x4 (
Or the wood residue of the previous project)One nail.
About 2 inch long.
Drill with two drill bits
One is just a little bit smaller than the screw and one. .
A spare scrap of wood.
This is where we dive into the world of risk for power tools.
The following steps are required in small-
Some wood.
You should put the pieces on the pieces of wood and the pieces of wood should be on the floor or on the table.
When drilling, don\'t fix the pieces on your body for a few reasons, and the least is that you don\'t put the drill through your hands or legs. (in my case. . \"again\")
Cut the board into the following pieces: Box3-6 inch pieces. 2 -
4 1/4 pieces 1-
1/2 pieces. (
Now there\'s a tough problem. . )Hinge2 -
1/3/4 pieces 1/3/4
3 inch x 3/4 pieces.
Wrap one end with a sander or sandpaper.
The building above is a bit like a jigsaw puzzle.
But nothing good is easy.
Check the photos as we leave.
Basic box structure: 1.
Start with two of the 6 inch pieces.
Stick them together in the \"L\" shape, making sure you carefully align the edges. (
View pictures)2.
Clip it for at least an hour to fry. 3. Un-
As you can see in the picture, clamp the box and glue the two ends together. 4.
Use two clamping techniques identical to the previous box structure to clamp the ends in place.
Let it dry for at least an hour. 4. Un-
Clamp the part and stick it to the last 6 inch pieces to ensure that all the edges of contact are glued. 5.
Hug the whole thing again with a clip to make sure there is no movement.
Let it dry at night.
Hinge and top structure: check the picture to make sure you understand before you start drilling Willienilly.
If any, I would suggest using gorilla glue on the hinge.
It\'s just stronger. 1.
Take a block of 3/4 square meters and 3 inch x 3/4 blocks as an example (rounded end)
Wear the center with the larger drill in two drill bits. 2.
Take the last 3/4 square and pass through the center with a smaller bit.
Now you should be able to go through a square block, 3 inch, and then tighten to the last block (
Smaller holes).
Important to pre-
Drill these holes in this way.
If you don\'t, the wood will crack. I guarantee it. 3.
Test the mounting screws by passing through the large screws
Holes 3/4, 3 inch and small-hole 3/4 block.
Don\'t tighten anything too much.
All the pieces can still rotate freely.
As long as everything looks good, move on.
If anything comes together, drill it out with a slightly larger drill bit.
Assemble the parts. 4.
Place the 7 1/2 part on top of the finished box so you have the level of the hinge assembly. 5.
Find and mark the middle
The point of the vertical part on the back.
It should be 3 inch. 6.
Glue the two squares.
Stick only the bottom of the block.
You should do your best to remove the glue from the top of 3 inch and 7 1/2. 7.
Put some small clips in place and tighten them.
When everything is resolved, gently remove the screws, 3 inch pieces and the top.
This is to prevent any extruded glue from sticking parts that do not belong together.
I only wish someone had executed the same procedure (metaphorically)
With Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. 8.
After the glue has been set for a period of time, no more wet points appear, similar to 3 inch pieces and the top, and the clips remain in place. 9.
Make sure the top of the box is square and glue 3 inch pieces down.
Make sure you remove the glue from the back edge.
We don\'t want all of this to be squeezed out and the top sealed in the back. 10.
Let it all dry overnight. Un-
Clip everything and enjoy it.
The hinge should work quite well.
It is not uncommon to have a little slope in a fitting place.
It would be better to use two hinges, however. . well. .
Baby walkers. . baby steps. .
If you want to polish the box, I suggest you remove the top from the box before you try.
Any substantial horizontal (sideways)
The pressure on the lid puts pressure on the hinge and may pop it up. Done!
What I learned is: Tetris is a fun game structure and there are too many basic hingcats cats for a house. Hidley-HO!
Thank you for sticking to the end!
In this section, I will show you the basic structure of the box with the midd corner and the fixed top.
In my opinion, the ability to make a diagonal angle is one of the core talents to distinguish between the wet novice scrub and polishing professionals behind your ears.
Professional \"what\" I wouldn\'t say, because the rest of the Brotherhood would drag me out of the House, tie me to the post, and put my pants on the interstate.
You can make a clean Mitter with a Mitter box, hence the name \"Mitter box\", but in this case I will use my Mitter saw.
Mainly out of laziness and a desire to prove that I didn\'t do everything on the living room floor.
Tools and materials: ruler or measuring ruler, crate, saw or Mitter saw, rope clip or cableway-
1x2 thin board of 4 feet, 2 squares, 5 inch by 5 inch square.
Dowel, about 1/8 to 1/4 wide.
The drill bit is as big as your pin rod.
We are going to make a thin square box this time.
The outside size is 5 inch, 5 inch by 1/2. Construction:1.
First cut your 1/2 into 4-5 inch (
On the long side)
All the pieces are tilted at 45 degrees.
See the pictures for details.
If you have a gap, it is better to have a gap on the inside rather than on the outside.
Internal clearance is much easier than external clearance. 2.
Spread the pieces into a square structure like a frame. 3.
Loose your belt clip or rope around the workpiece.
It\'s best to put it in place before you have to tighten.
Playing juggling on small pieces of wood with glue is not my favorite hobby. 4.
Work on the flattest surface you have, apply glue on the edges of each Mitter and clip them all together. 5.
Let the whole thing work for two hours. 6. Un-
Clip everything.
Check to see if there is an extruded glue and smooth the edges.
As you can see in the picture, stick the glue to a 5x5 square and clamp it.
Let dry for a few hours and then UNclamp. 9.
If you use a hand drill, place and clamp (no glue)
Another Square at the top, make sure the edges are as straight as possible.
If you are lucky enough to have a drill, you can take these things away and take your time. 10.
Grab your drill bit and drill bit.
Measure about half an inch up from the tip of the drill and make a mark around the drill or put a piece of tape to mark the depth of the drill.
** I am using a special wood with a collar.
You loosen the collar with a small wrench and move it to the desired depth.
Make sure to tighten the nut on the drill bit correctly. 11.
Measure about half along one side (
Should be 2 1/2)
About half an inch.
Drill two holes in the top as straight as possible. 12.
Put the stake in the hole as deep as possible.
It should be comfortable but not tight fit.
If it is too tight, gently polish the stake until it is appropriate. 13.
Mark the pin with a pencil, it is flush with the top. 14.
Remove the pin and cut the hair longer than your mark.
Make another hole in the same way. 15. un-
Clamp and remove the top.
Turn it over and put a little glue on the pin.
16 insert the pins into the top and rotate a little as they go in and lay the glue. 17.
Let the pins dry for about an hour and check the fit in the box.
Polish the pins as needed. 18.
After all drying, assemble the box and polish all edges and pins (on the outside)flush. Done!
What I learned is the basic diagonal angle structure.
So I hope you can combine different technologies and make all kinds of small boxes now.
This talent is both useful and impressive, although you won\'t see it on your resume.
Thank you for reading, I am looking forward to the improvement and ideas of people on the Internet as always.
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