The advantages of iron box packaging | iron box information

by:Changda     2020-06-16
The inherent quality of tinplate makes it an excellent packaging solution suitable not only for food and beverage, but also for household, promotional and industrial product packaging. Some advantages of tinplate: It provides convenient protective packaging for storing food at room temperature. 2. It provides excellent water, oxygen and moisture resistance. It naturally preserves its contents without the need for preservatives 4. It can ensure the integrity of the product throughout the warranty period. It helps to prevent food waste. 6. It is 100% recyclable with no quality loss. 7. It's cheap It can be manufactured in various shapes and sizes. B. It is healthier to pack cooking oil in iron boxes There are two problems with cooking oil packaged in clear plastic bottles. First of all, plastic will dissolve in small amounts in fat, which is harmful to human health. Next, transparent package is easy to cause the light oxidation of edible oil, shortened the quality guarantee period. However, the use of tin box packaging is stable and can avoid light, which can effectively solve the two problems. Edible oil tin box packaging is more healthy, quality guarantee period can reach more than 2 years. Ornamental cans can not only prevent moisture and deterioration, but also extend the quality guarantee period, and are less likely to produce harmful substances due to environmental changes. There is also a special coating in the tin for isolation and protection.
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