The advantages of packing in tinplate

by:Changda     2020-06-15
Tinplate is a kind of steel coated with thin tin to prevent rust. Some food cans made from this material are protected by a layer of white enamel ink. Caps for bottle caps and glass nut containers are also usually made of iron. About 12,000 tons of tinplate are used annually. This is equivalent to 0.2 jin per person per year. 1. Ecological assessment Separate collection and recycling of clean tinplate and other steel plate packaging has ecological significance. Because it reduces the consumption of iron and tin. Packaging made from recycled materials can reduce energy consumption by more than 60 percent and reduce air pollution by 30 percent compared to new products. 2. Easy to collect separately Various types of iron and steel scrap can be collected in the same container as aluminum scrap. This simplifies waste disposal and transportation. Scrap dealers use magnetic separators to separate metal. A number of processing centers are located throughout the country to separate and cut up the materials collected. Parts of the steel are sent to domestic steel mills where tin can be processed directly. The purpose of destin is to recover tin from pure metal, which is more valuable. After melting, recyclable food cans are used to make needles and car parts. (3) yields Recycling companies pay businesses and individuals to collect and recycle canned food at market prices, reducing the cost of production and increasing the income of individuals.
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