The features and materials of octagonal moon cake tin box

by:Changda     2020-06-15
Mid-Autumn festival is an important traditional festival in China since ancient times, Chinese people pay attention to reunion, the Mid-Autumn festival, the most perfect day of the year, nature is little not the family reunion, the symbol of the reunion moon cake can't be broken, said moon cakes to stay out of its packaging, and packaging of mooncakes was varied, the material is not the same, market generally include: paper moon cake box, moon cake boxes, wood metal, moon cake box, etc.; The packing quality that different material pledges and class also are different. Here we talk about the most popular consumers on the market made of tinplate moon cake box; Taking the new octagonal tinplate box of Shangzhimi packaging 2020 as an example, the characteristics of the tin box are analyzed. 1. Learn about the main materials for making mooncake boxes: Box cover: food grade tinplate, thickness: 0.23mm-0.25mm. Inner lining of the box: silk cloth, gold and silver paper, blister etc. Inside: White white board, paper can, PVC, etc. Box tote bag: white board, PVC, kraft paper, non-woven etc. Box shape: octagonal Box structure: inner plug lid, flip lid, etc 2. Features of tinplate box: Tinplate is also known as galvanized tinplate, known as SPTE, tin mainly to prevent corrosion and rust. It combines the strength and formability of steel with the corrosion resistance, solderability and aesthetic appearance of tin in a material with corrosion resistance, non-toxicity, high strength and ductility. Due to the properties of tinplate, it has good ductility and oxidation resistance, and can be printed on it, which is not easy to be damaged. It can be made into various shapes and is convenient for transportation, making it the first choice for packaging. Tinplate box printing exquisite, and can be made in various shapes, styles, more and more customers and manufacturers favor. 3. The packaging appearance of tinplate material is exquisite, and its grade is higher than that of tinplate material, which is more suitable for giving gifts to friends and relatives. 3. The main raw material of tinplate box is environmentally sound and can be naturally decomposed. It can be recycled and reused to reduce costs and save resources.
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