The function and production method of tinplate cans_can

by:Changda     2021-03-15

For all kinds of tin box packaging products in the real social market, what companies should think about is any socialization of tinplate can packaging, increase product sales in the market, and create a product that conforms to the product brand image and contains the company Distinctive packaging with cultural characteristics, to improve the economic benefits of enterprises! For all kinds of tinplate packaging products on the market, companies should think about any socialization of tinplate packaging, increase product sales in the market, and create a distinctive brand image that conforms to the product brand image and contains the company’s cultural characteristics. Packaging, to improve the economic efficiency of the enterprise! The packaging container made by tinplate cans manufacturers has the functions of high strength, good rigidity, not easy to break, good barrier properties, gas barrier properties, moisture resistance, light shading and airtightness, and can protect iron well. The contents of the canister. The tinplate material can effectively prevent corrosion and rust, and has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, non-toxicity, high strength and good ductility. Therefore, as a packaging method of commodity value, tinplate cans can protect the commodities well, so they will not be damaged!  The production process of tinplate cans generally includes: iron material picking-arrow bed-stamping-assembly-packaging-warehousing-shipment. More specifically:   , finished tin can;   , draw the size drawing of the material;   , send the size drawing of the material to the customer for design;   , proofread the customer design drawing;   , produce the paper draft of the film;   , the customer confirms the tin can template;   , typesetting and printing ;   , determine the color style;   , automatic stamping;   , tinplate can packaging. How to make tinplate cans Tinplate cans are cans made of tinplate. Generally speaking, for the exquisite packaging, printing is used, commonly known as printed tin cans. What is the production? Come to learn today, and interested friends can understand The first step is to cut the iron sheet into a rectangular iron sheet, roll the blank into a cylindrical shape, and weld the joints at both ends longitudinally to form a cylindrical shape. One end of the cylinder and the circular end cover are mechanically rolled and sealed, and the other One end is loaded into the finished can lid to form a tinplate can. The container is composed of three parts: the body, the lid and the bottom. Therefore, it is said that the three-piece can generally uses three-piece cans. Aluminum cans use two-piece can technology. The patch adopts offset printing technology. This kind of three-piece cans is not easy to hold candles. It is easy to leak. If you must use it, it is recommended to use coating glue (excluding tax) to prevent wax leakage. Usually this three-piece can also needs to be prevented The outer surface is rusty, and printing still needs to be used to make the three-piece can. Note: cut corners and cuts before the end folding process; in the soldering process, the solder should be wiped off after the soldering process, and the flanging will be performed after cooling , The can body completes the production process: cooling → flanging → can body completes the processing process of the can lid: cutting the tin plate → oiling → punching the lid → crimping → glue injection → drying → can lid processing is completed The processing process of the combination of the can body and the can lid to form an empty can is: the can body is fed → the lid is added → double crimping and sealing → the empty can processing is completed
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